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Toe River Arts is a wonderful two-county arts council in Western NC.

Toe River Arts: One Truly Amazing North Carolina Arts Supporter

From its beginning in the 1970s, Toe River Arts (TRA) has provided steadfast support to artists and communities within its reach in Western North Carolina. The two-county arts council (Yancey and Mitchell) goes further beyond helping its artist members, also providing programs, events, and much more to schools and folks of all ages. While you … Read More

Kenny Pieper Glass is one of many Toe River Artists you should visit!

NC Travel Chat #13: Hanging Out with 3 Wonderful Toe River Artists Inside their Studios

For this episode of NC Travel Chat, we followed up on the previous one, which was with Toe River Arts Executive Director Nealy Andrews. This episode consists of two on-site interviews with Toe River Artists who reside in Yancey County. Toe River Artists Interview Summary The first person we met was Kenny Pieper of Pieper … Read More