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The Mountains run through Asheville NC, a unique and quickly growing community. It’s one of the most wonderful places to visit in North Carolina and if you don’t already plan on moving there or into Biltmore Estate, at least give it a weekend.

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We’ve stayed here quite a few times and can’t wait to come back. It’s an awesome spot to grab some food and especially a beer, though many folks come here for the outdoors. A couple of our favorite spots include Craggy Gardens and the WNC Nature Center.

Regardless of what brought you, there are some really fun things to do in Asheville and around. In fact, many have made our North Carolina Bucket List, which you may recognize in this video.

The Best Times to Visit Asheville

Thanks to that mild climate, Asheville is great to visit throughout most of the year. However, it’s possible to visit during most of the year, including around Christmas when you should absolutely go check out Biltmore Estate. Summertime is nice but the spring and fall are equally cool. 

That’s mostly because of the blooms and foliage you’ll find when visiting Asheville during those times of the year.

Pro Tip: We think Asheville is pretty awesome, no matter when you decide to visit. One thing I’d mention is that the place can get a little busy on the weekend.

That’s why we think you should spring for a day or two from work and do a Sunday to Tuesday stay. 

History & Fun Asheville Facts

Asheville’s mountainous surroundings and climate boosted it as a prominent health center in the 1880s. That’s largely thanks to the railroad coming through. 

The relatively mild weather attracted folks like George Vanderbilt, whose Biltmore Estate remains a testament to Asheville’s first boom. 

In a twist of fate, city officials didn’t have the money for urban renewal following the depression, so that’s why many original buildings are still standing in Asheville today.

In typical Asheville style, Marla Hardee Milling’s Only in Asheville delivers a truly eclectic history, as described in the subtitle.

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We look forward to sharing more fun things to do in Asheville, its awesome people, and more as we continue exploring the city. If you’re seeking something specific, check the search box above.

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