Where is Fort Fisher?

Fort Fisher State Historic Site in Kure Beach, North Carolina, nearby Wilmington.

Facts about Fort Fisher

Formerly a Confederate fort known as the “Gibraltar of the South,” Fort Fisher was the scene of two significant battles during the War Between the States’ final months.

Fort Fisher Facts

Fort Fisher was a significant protector of Wilmington, which became the Confederacy’s central Atlantic port city in 1862 after Norfolk, Virginia, fell to the Union.

First Battle

 The First Battle of Fort Fisher took place from December 23-27, 1864, leading to a Union withdrawal. However, the South’s victory was short-lived.

Second Battle

Union forces returned and attacked not long after, on January 13, 1865. During the Second Battle of Fort Fisher, the Union successfully defeated Confederate defenders of the fort after two days.

The attack on Fort Fisher was the largest amphibious attack by US forces until Normandy during World War II.

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