Where is Oak Island Lighthouse?

Oak Island Lighthouse towers over its surroundings in Caswell Beach on Oak Island on the southern coast of North Carolina.

NC Lighthouses

It is one of seven active lighthouses in North Carolina and among the most unique of them all.

Why is it unique?

The 153-foot tall Oak Island Lighthouse was constructed in 1958 out of concrete rather than brick, which is what you'll typically find on North Carolina's other lighthouses.

How it was built...

The 128 feet of reinforced concrete was mixed on-site and continuously poured for seven days while jacks were raised one foot per hour.

More cool facts...

Another exciting feature of this lighthouse is its beacon. When the lights were in use, Oak Island Lighthouse had the brightest light in the US and the second brightest in the world!

Tours offering climbs up the lighthouse are available, but they are rather limited. All climbers are required to wear sneakers and safely stow any cameras or equipment away.

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