Where to Stay

 The Magnolia House is a Green Book site, meaning that is was listed as a place that was safe for Black travelers during Jim Crow. It's a beautiful historic building with unique rooms

Greensboro Children's Museum

 Let the little ones enjoy more than 20 permanent hands-on exhibits at the Greensboro Children's Museum and the amazing outdoor play plaza.

Civil Rights Museum

The International Civil Rights Museum is a must experience while in Greensboro, North Carolina! Learn about history in a guided tour.

Tanger Center

The Tanger Center opened in 2021 and has already landed some of the stage’s biggest shows. This 3,000-seat auditorium is a more intimate alternative to the Coliseum and larger outdoor venues.

Greensboro Science Center

Head north of the city to Greensboro Science Center for a great aquarium, museum, and zoo (also, Sky Wild!).

Walk, ride, or drive around the park and you’ll be taken back to the Revolutionary War and the largest battle of the Southern Campaign.

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