2022 North Carolina Travel Awards (Updated Monthly!)

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

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Welcome to the 2022 North Carolina Travel Awards, where we at NC Tripping feature the Best of North Carolina in multiple categories.

Awards are handed out each month after we tally the votes. We encourage you to vote and share these awards with your friends and fellow community members.

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January (Most Romantic Getaways)

For the first North Carolina Travel Awards of 2022, we’re focusing on romantic getaways. We asked for feedback on our Facebook Page in early January and received a wonderful variety of answers.

After narrowing it down and holding a vote in our Facebook Group, we think these are 5 strong contenders.

Let’s leave it to you to decide, though.

Which Categories Would You Like to See Next?

We plan to share more categories throughout the year so keep checking back for updates. Of course, we’re always open to hearing from you if there’s a category you’d like to see a vote on.

Let us know here in the comments or by email. Either way, we’re happy to chat more!

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North Carolina Travel Awards

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  1. Hi! So excited to explore NC! We just moved here and was wondering what your top recommendations are for us to see first! We don’t know where to start. We live in Oak Ridge.

  2. Great website, I am a born and bred Tar Heel. How about info on Gemstone hunting in NC, as I know we are called “the Gemstone State and that the Emerald is our state stone. Where may we go to find gems “in them that hills”? Thank you in advance.


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