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Some of the most popular attractions include Biltmore Estate in Asheville, the massive NC Zoo in Asheboro, and that long stretch of beach known as the Outer Banks. Our guides don’t stop here; you are you covered from the mountains to the sea.

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We’ve featured many places, events, and activities in our Bucket List Book. You can also shop for it and many more NC-themed products in our Shop!

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We’ve been exploring the state’s 100 counties for years and learned early on that there are almost countless spots to cover. That includes our bustling cities, especially the fantastic small towns scattered from the mountains to the sea.

We’re also constantly working on new North Carolina travel articles to share with you each week. Here are a few of the latest to come out.

Things to Do in North Carolina (Our Bucket List)

The North Carolina Bucket List Book by NC Tripping

We created a North Carolina Bucket List article that will keep all levels of North Carolina travelers busy.

Our NC Bucket List Book is the product of that guide and is a deeper dive into more than 100 places to visit. It will help you before and during your travel to North Carolina, no matter when and where you visit!

You can purchase it here in digital and print!

We’re confident to present both as complete guides, filled with popular things to do but also the lesser-known attractions.

The NC Travel Map

NC Tripping North Carolina Travel Map Created by Google Maps
North Carolina Travel Map Created via Google Maps.

If you’re a visual person, our North Carolina Travel map is a great tool for mapping trips and finding places near your home or wherever you’re staying in NC.

Along with the best statewide attractions, our guides detail where to go in these places:

We also keep things local and share our favorite businesses that you should support.

We dig deeper by going town by town and devouring as much as possible. Our articles have uncovered outdoor fun throughout the state, amazing food and drink scenes, and much more. We’ll help you enjoy it all, from breakfast to dinner.

Also, we like to provide as much background info as possible. Our facts about North Carolina article is an excellent example. Stay tuned as we keep coming out with more!

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