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13 Beautiful Sunflower Fields in NC (When + Where to Find Them)

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on February 27, 2024.

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Summer is when we start thinking about our favorite beaches, cool waterfalls, and the most beautiful sunflower fields in NC. Looking for sunflowers in North Carolina is one of our annual traditions here at NC Tripping and we want to help you find them, too!

That’s why we created this guide, which includes when and where to find sunflower fields in NC and tips for you to enjoy them as we have.

Here’s how we’ve organized this NC travel guide:

  • Fun Facts About Sunflowers
  • When Do Sunflowers Bloom in North Carolina?
  • Tips for Visiting Sunflower Fields in NC
  • Map and List of Sunflower Fields in North Carolina
  • Sunflower Fields in Raleigh and Nearby
  • Sunflower Fields in Charlotte and Nearby
  • Sunflower Fields in Asheville NC

Our guide leaves no detail behind, whether you’re a North Carolina local or a first-time visitor. If you are wondering, “What are the best sunflower fields near me?” we think this guide to NC sunflowers will help you out! 

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Fun Facts about Sunflowers

  • A sunflower needs 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • They follow the sun, a term called heliotropism. The flower moves so its face is always shining towards the light.
  • Sunflowers can be other colors! There are red, purple, and golden sunflowers.
  • There are 70-plus varieties of Sunflowers and they are native to the United States.
  • Sunflowers can self-pollinate, creating genetically identical plants.
  • Sunflowers can be used as food, fuel, and dyes.

When Do Sunflowers Bloom in North Carolina?

Sunflower Fields in NC variety

Sunflowers in North Carolina bloom in early July and some bloom later in summer, as you’ll see in this guide.

My birthday is at the beginning of July, and typically, we make it a family tradition to visit sunflower fields at Dix Park with our kiddos, followed by ice cream somewhere in Raleigh or Durham

Some of these sunflower fields only last for a couple of weeks (like Dix Park) but some of the family farms have staggered out their crops to last until the end of September.

This is why we highly recommend checking official social media pages and websites for updates from the farm you plan to visit before confirming they are currently blooming. 

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Tips for Visiting Sunflower Fields in NC

Sunflower Fields in NC Raleigh

Each field in North Carolina has their own rules about whether or not you are allowed to pick the flowers, so please make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific field before making plans. 

  • We recommend going early in the morning to sunflower fields in North Carolina! Why? Well, the heat is one reason, but also, the early bird gets the worm! Smaller crowds are always our preference.
  • But if you aren’t up for the AM trip to the farm, remember that sunflowers follow the sun, so right before sunset (or golden hour) is also great for photographing sunflowers.
  • While you might be tempted to wear the prettiest shoes you own for that Instagram moment, sunflower fields are still farmland. So we recommend wearing flat shoes that may potentially get muddy if there has been recent rain.
  • Professional photographers should also take note of any restrictions, permits, and fees before scheduling any family sessions at these sunflower fields.
  • Please do not cut through the sunflower fields in North Carolina. Many of the farms will plant the flowers in rows and provide trails for visitors to walk along. Just like hiking, leave no trace and stay on the trail.
  • Wear sunscreen and bug spray! Sunflowers grow in direct sunlight, so even if you’re visiting in the early morning hours or golden hour- there will still be sun exposure.

NC Sunflower Field Map

Sunflower Fields in NC Map
Map Created with Google Maps 2024.

If you want to travel to these sunflower fields in North Carolina visually, you can by opening this NC Sunflower Fields Map that we created with Google Maps.

We’ve also featured these sunflower fields in our North Carolina Travel Map.

List of NC Sunflower Fields

  • Sunflower Fields Near Wilmington (and Fayetteville)
    • Galloway Farm (Hallsboro)
  • In Raleigh and Nearby
    • Dix Park (Raleigh)
    • North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh)
  • Near Raleigh
    • Dogwood Farms (Belews Creek)
    • Hill Ridge Farms (Youngsville)
    • Odom Farming Company (Goldsboro)
    • Pope Farms (Knightdale)
  • Near Greensboro
    • Dewberry Farm (Kernersville)
    • The Fields at Sunflower Trail (Mocksville)
  • In Charlotte
    • McLawland Farms (Charlotte)
    • Lineberger’s Maple Springs Farm
  • Near Charlotte
    • Oddie’s Sunflower Field (Salisbury)
  • In Asheville
    • Biltmore Estate (Asheville)

Sunflower Fields Near Wilmington (and Fayetteville)

Looking for sunflowers in Wilmington and Fayetteville, here’s an amazing option for you!

Galloway Farm

Address: 370 Artesia Rd, Hallsboro, NC
Admission: $8.50 per person
U-Pick flowers: $1 each or $20/bucket

Galloway Farm is one of the few sunflower fields near Wilmington! Find twelve beautiful acres of sunflowers in September and October. In mid-September, Galloway Farms has a big sunflower event (for details, check social media).

The sunflowers at Galloway Farm are usually still in bloom in October. So consider combining your sunflower visit with Maze Craze ($14.50 per person) which includes a 13-acre corn maze, farm games, bounce houses, and more! 

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Sunflower Fields in Raleigh NC (and Nearby)

Sunflower Fields in NC orange

Raleigh and its surroundings in the Research Triangle are fantastic places for sunflower lovers! The popular Dorothea Dix Park sunflowers and the field at the NC Museum of Art are two great places to start.

Keep reading and you’ll see that there are plenty of local farms in and around Raleigh to enjoy Sunflowers.

Dorothea Dix Park

Address: 2105 Umstead Dr, Raleigh, NC 27603
Admission: Free
U-Pick: Not Available

Sunflower Fields in NC with kids

The Sunflower Fields at Dorothea Dix Park used to be a hidden secret. We remember hunting for them along the Neuse River Greenway in 2017 before the city moved them to Dix Park.

We are grateful these Raleigh sunflowers now live in Dix Park so we can have a beautiful view of the Raleigh skyline! The Sunflowers at Dix Park are probably the most popular sunflower fields in NC.

The Raleigh sunflower field is 5 acres with more than 280,000 seeds planted. Dix Park has hammocks set up under the trees, and on weekends in July, they have food and beer trucks set up. 

Please do not trample or cut the flowers at Dix Park. As it becomes a more popular spot for photos, it is important to remember that they are there to become fuel.

We are lucky to have such a beautiful spot that is free to the public, so please remain respectful while visiting.

Dix Park Sunflowers Hammocks

HOT TIP: If you want to visit both Dix Park and the NCMA Sunflowers in one day we highly recommend biking to them using the Rocky Branch and Reedy Creek greenway trails!

Don’t have a bike? You can rent one at the Citrix Cycle station. 

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North Carolina Museum of Art

Address: 2110 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC
Admission: Free
U-Pick: Not Available

Sunflower Fields in NC towards the sun

The sunflower fields at the North Carolina Museum of Art offer another beautiful backdrop to enjoy these incredible flowers. This field is approximately 2.5 acres and is located at the intersection of the Blue Loop and Meadow trails. 

We would recommend parking at the end furthest away from the museum buildings and you’ll see them as soon as you start to descend into the park.

But guess what?! This field doesn’t JUST have sunflowers!

They also plant native wildflowers amongst the sunflowers giving it a pop of color.

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Hill Ridge Farms

Address: 703 Tarboro Rd, Youngsville, NC
Admission$14.95 (Ages 2-64), $12.95 (Ages 65+), $12.95 (Military), and Free for Kids Under 2 Years Old
U-Pick: $5/ half dozen

Hill Ridge Farms is located near Wake Forest and has more than 50,000 sunflowers and 10 varieties for you to enjoy! You may pick these flowers for $5 for a half dozen, and we recommend bringing your own clippers and vases. 

Beyond the Sunflower Field, Hill Ridge Farms includes a Wagon Ride and farm-themed play in your admission price! There are farm animals, tire swings, slides, and more!

Not only is it home to one of the most beautiful sunflower fields near Raleigh, but Hill Ridge Farms has one of our favorite NC Christmas light displays and pumpkin patches.

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Odom Farming Company

Address: 1426 Claridge Nursery Rd, Goldsboro, NC
Admission: $5 per person
U-Pick NC Sunflowers: $1/stem

Have you ever seen a sunflower maze!? Odom Farming Company is in Goldsboro in Eastern North Carolina and has beautiful sunflowers, farm animals, a playground, and plenty of space for a picnic! 

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Pope Farms

Address: 1008 Bethlehem Rd, Knightdale, NC
Admission: $5 Entry and Includes 6 Stems 
U-Pick Sunflowers: $1/Additional Stem

Pope Farms in Knightdale is a multi-generation farm that has been raising cattle and hogs since the 1970s. Beyond offering farm-raised beef and pork in the Country Store year-round, Pope Farms has beautiful sunflowers in July and September

After picking your sunflowers, make sure to browse the Pope Farms Country Store where they sell seasonal produce, Atkinson Mill products (stock up on grits!), Homestead Creamery, and Ashe County Cheese.

This farm store represents some of the best in North Carolina agriculture! 

Make sure to come back in the fall for pumpkins at Pope Farms!

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Sunflower Fields in Greensboro NC and Nearby

These NC sunflower fields are closer to Greensboro and Winston-Salem in the Piedmont Triad region.

Dewberry Farm

Address: 2585 Dewberry Farm Ln, Kernersville, NC
Admission: $8 per adult, $5 Children 2+ 
U-Pick: $1.50/Sunflower, $0.50/Zinnia, $2.50/Dahlia, $0.50/Snapdragon

Dewberry Farm is one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in the Triad, but during the spring and summer, they open up their fields for visitors! Tickets must be purchased in advance online for a 2-hour time frame. 

The family farm was bought in 1925 and the land was cultivated for tobacco and sugarcane. Today, 20 acres of the original land is still owned by the Johnson family including the 1989 farm house that was built entirely from trees from the property. 

In the Spring, Dewberry Farm plants over 144,000 tulips! 

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Dogwood Farms

Address: 8096 Belews Creek Rd, Belews Creek, NC
Admission: $8 for weekday mornings, $10 for evenings and weekends, and Free Admission for Veterans, Active Duty Military, and Children 7 Years Old and Under
U-Pick Sunflowers: $1/Stem and Wildflowers $6/Dozen

Dogwood Farms is the largest u-pick sunflower field in North Carolina. They provide visitors with clippers and a bucket for u-pick and have a beautiful backdrop set up for photographers. 

In the fall, Dogwood Farms has cosmos and zinnias available and pumpkins and tractor rides. If you are looking for a sunflower field in the Triad, Dogwood Farms is an excellent choice!

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The Fields at Sunflower Trail

Address: 177 Howell Rd, Mocksville, NC
Admission: $10 
U-Pick Sunflowers: $1/Stem and Wildflowers $1/ half dozen

Like many farms in North Carolina, The Fields at Sunflower Trail started as a family tobacco farm but transitioned to flower farming in 2017. There are 14 acres of pesticide-free flowers that bloom for 2-3 weeks in the summer and then again in the fall. 

Expect to see over 30 varieties of sunflowers with an astonishing array of sizes and colors at The Fields at Sunflower Trail. Cosmos and zinnias are also available for U-Pick!

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Sunflower Fields in Charlotte NC (and Nearby)

Looking for sunflower fields near Charlotte? Here are a few within a day trip from the Queen City.

As always, make sure to check the farm’s social media before visiting to make sure they are open and blooming!

McLawland Farms

Address: 8632 Reedy Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC
Admission: Free to visit with an appointment
U-Pick Cost: $2/Stem

Sunflowers at Pace Family Farms 1

Located on Reedy Creek Road in Charlotte, McLawland Farms is a small farm that offers U-Pick flowers. Sunflowers are priced at $2/stem (they have more flowers like dahlias and zinnias!).

This Charlotte farm uses sustainable and chemical-free practices.

Make it a weekend on the farm by staying at the McLawland Farms tiny home!

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Lineberger’s Maple Springs Farm

Address: 906 Dallas Stanley Hwy, Dallas, NC
Admission: Free
U-Pick Cost: $1/Sunflower or $10/Dozen

The Gaston County town of Dallas has one of the best sunflower fields in North Carolina. Lineberger’s Maple Springs Farm is known for many things, including an awesome farm store and U-pick fruits and vegetables throughout most of the spring and summer.

This 90-year-old farm also plants tulips that bloom in the early spring and sunflowers in the summer.

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Oddie’s Sunflower Field

Address: 2955 Oddie Rd, Salisbury, NC
Facebook Page
Admission: Free
U-Pick Cost: Donations Appreciated

Oddie’s Sunflower Fields is located in Salisbury, North Carolina, and an excellent family day trip from Charlotte!

Oddie’s Sunflower Fields bloom from July to mid-October (but we recommend checking their social media before driving out there to see if the crop is blooming). It is free to visit, but donations are recommended and appreciated. 

Oddie’s Sunflower Field has picnic tables, antique farm equipment, and tree swings. The owners have allowed visitors to cut a few flowers to take and have left some clippers on a table.

Visitors will also find produce and crafts available for sale. 

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Sunflower Fields in Asheville NC

There are even more places to enjoy sunflower fields in NC, including America’s Largest Home in Asheville!

Biltmore Estate

Address: 1 Lodge St, Asheville, NC
Cost: Starts at $55
U-Pick: Not Available

Lining the mile-long road from the Biltmore House to Antler Hill Village is one of North Carolina’s most impressive sunflower fields.

Approximately 105,000 seeds are planted in the early spring and peak in July and a second crop to bloom around Labor Day. 

Access to the sunflowers is included in admission to the Biltmore Estate grounds, ranging from $55 to $75 in the Summer.

Admission also includes the 75-plus acres of gardens, 20 miles of trails, and a free wine tasting at Biltmore Winery. If you’d like to include a visit to the Biltmore House admission ranges from $76 to $96. 

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Ready to Visit these Beautiful Sunflower Fields in North Carolina?

Sunflower Fields in NC path

We look forward to traveling around the state every summer to see these sunflower fields in person. If you’re familiar with any of them, we’d love to hear from you.

What’s your favorite NC sunflower field? Is there one that we should add to the guide?

Let us know in the comments and remember to share your summer adventures in our North Carolina Travel Facebook Group!

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