25 of the Best Waterfalls in North Carolina

Last Updated on September 8, 2021

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If you plan to visit Western NC, please check beforehand to see if the area is safe following the recent flooding. Officials have closed some sections of Pisgah National Forest (including Forest Heritage Scenic Byway and Blue Ridge Parkway stops) to keep visitors out of danger. Please respect signage and local guidance.

We’ve come across quite a few waterfalls in North Carolina, especially during incredible hikes throughout the state, so it’s only natural to make a list of the best among our personal favorites!

While the majority of these waterfalls are located in Western North Carolina (especially near Asheville and in the High Country), you will be surprised to see a couple that are easily reachable via day trips from either Charlotte or Raleigh and/or Durham in Central North Carolina.

Before we get started, please keep in mind are that this is a growing list and that we decided to not include multiple falls found in one park.

This post is part of our series on outdoor activities. Many of these falls are found both in our guide covering things to do in North Carolina and our Bucket List book!

Waterfalls in North Carolina

We’ve listed these incredible North Carolina waterfalls in alphabetical order. For a geographical representation, this collection of maps share our favorite waterfalls, including those found in specific areas.

Leave No Trace (and Don’t Overcrowd)

Before visiting these waterfalls in North Carolina, we want to remind you to always keep them beautiful and to leave no trace. Trash does NOT belong anywhere on our trails.

You can even go a step further and pick up any trash if you see it. That act will make you feel better and also, will help us all maintain these beautiful mountains today and for future generations.

Also, we ask that you not park anywhere beyond designated spots and return at another time if lots are full.

Bridal Veil Falls (Highlands)

Hike Distance: Roadside

Bridal Veil Falls Highlands Waterfalls in North Carolina

Not surprisingly, two waterfalls in North Carolina are named Bridal Veils. This one near Highlands is easy to access, especially after visiting Dry Falls, with a quick stop off US Highway 64 (part of the scenic Waterfall Byway).

The waterfall cascades over the roadside, so it can be appreciated by foot or by car.

The other Bridal Veil Falls is found inside DuPont State Recreational Forest. It’s a pretty epic one, but we included a different waterfall from that park to feature among the best in North Carolina.

Bust Your Butt Falls

Hike Distance: Roadside

Bust Your Butt Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Just down the road from Bridal Veil Falls on the Waterfall Byway is Bust Your Butt Falls. Yes, it’s exactly what its name implies.

This is a popular swimming hole and natural slide that is easily accessed from the highway. At this waterfall, there’s even a rope for swinging!

Catawba Falls

Hike Distance: 3 miles roundtrip

Catawba Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

One of many waterfalls in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest, Catawba Falls is a three-tiered fall that is absolutely breathtaking! The 100-foot tall cascade is accessible via a steady 1.5-mile trek through a shady, moss-covered forest.

Crabtree Falls

Hike Distance: 2.5 miles roundtrip

Crabtree Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Crabtree Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in North Carolina, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway (MP 339). It’s just 45 miles north of Asheville and you can follow one of two routes to reach the 70-foot waterfall.

Make sure to get a view of the falls from the wooden bridge that crosses over the creek.

Crabtree Falls is the first of a few Black Mountains hikes that we’ll mention in our guide.

Dry Falls

Hike Distance: 0.25 miles roundtrip

Dry Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Dry Falls is a kid-friendly hike that is truly one of a kind! The quarter-mile trail is the only one in the area that offers visitors a walk behind the surging water.

Plunging 65 feet into the river below, a stroll to and behind Dry Falls is definitely one of the best things to do in North Carolina!

French Broad Falls (Mill Shoals)

Hike Distance: 0.5 miles roundtrip

French Broad Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

An overshadowed gem in our opinions, this waterfall is one of a few on the same privately owned land. French Broad Falls (Mill Shoals) and Birdrock Falls sit behind Living Waters Ministry.

Thankfully, the landowners have been kind enough to allow public access. Located on NC Highway 215, there are no signs for these falls so many people overlook them. However, they are definitely worth seeking out!

Glen Burney Falls

Hike Distance: 2.4 miles roundtrip

Glen Burney Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Glen Burney Falls is the second of three waterfalls (and namesake) along the Glen Burney Trail in Blowing Rock. This wonderful hike takes you down and back up through some dense forest, making you feel far away from the awesome small town just outside.

This trail gets especially busy, so please try to arrive early because the path is fairly narrow in some spots.

After the hike, there are plenty of Blowing Rock restaurants ready to fill your hungry belly!

Graveyard Fields

Hike Distance: 2/3 Mile Round Trip

Graveyard Fields Waterfalls in North Carolina
Lower Falls.

Graveyard Fields is an awesome hike near Asheville. Located off the Blue Ridge Parkway (MP 418), two large waterfalls await you, and the first one, Lower Falls, is an easy hike only 1/3 mile from the parking lot.

The second waterfall, Upper Falls, is much harder to find because the trail is not well marked.

Graveyard Fields is the first of a few Blue Ridge Parkway stops we’re going to mention, so buckle up!

High Falls

Hike Distance: 1.2 miles or 2 miles roundtrip

High Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Dupont State Recreational Forest wins the title for the most epic waterfalls in North Carolina per park. We really had a hard time deciding between Triple Falls and High Falls, but the latter wins based on the amazing views you have from above and at the foot of the falls.

You have multiple options to reach these falls, either on its own or by adding time and distance with some additional falls (including Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, and even Bridal Veil Falls).

High Shoals Falls

2.7 miles loop

High Shoals Falls South Mountains State Park NC

Anyone who’s explored Burke County will agree that one of the best waterfalls in North Carolina not named Linville awaits inside South Mountains State Park. That’s the 80-foot High Shoals Falls, which you can reach during a mostly steady hike that gets pretty steep near the end.

Leading into this main event, you’ll also enjoy the streams that flow by.

Check out these other fun things to do in Morganton and Burke County while you’re in the area!

Juney Whank Falls

Hike Distance: 0.8 miles roundtrip

Deep Creek Trail Juney Whank Falls 1
Juney Whank Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in North Carolina.

Juney Whank Falls is one of the three named waterfalls found on the Deep Creek Trail near Bryson City. The hike to this one is one-quarter of a mile, though elevation changes nearly 200 feet along the way.

The 90-foot waterfall flows over a rock face, in front of a wooden bridge. Walk upon this and you’ll think this is one of the most beautiful scenes in all of North Carolina.

Linville Falls

Hike Distance: Various trails but the most popular is 1.6 miles round trip

Linville Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina
Linville Falls

Flowing through the Linville Gorge Wilderness, Linville Falls is an extremely popular waterfall. The hike from the trailhead is only 1.6 miles and mostly moderate. It is one of the most popular waterfalls in North Carolina for kids and inexperienced hikers.

There are three vantage points of the waterfall from the main trailhead, and more experienced hikers might consider taking the Plunge Basin Trail to get a view from the base.

Looking Glass Falls

Hike Distance: Roadside

Looking Glass Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Looking Glass Falls is a roadside waterfall near Brevard that offers easily accessible and incredible views. You can also take a short walk down some stairs from the parking lot to reach an even closer view of this 60-foot waterfall.

Speaking of that fun mountain town, here are some things to do in Brevard that’ll convince you to fall in love with it!

Lower Cascades Falls (Hanging Rock State Park)

Hike Distance: 0.8 miles roundtrip

Lower Cascade Falls Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock State Park has the best waterfalls in North Carolina that are closest to Central North Carolina’s biggest cities. It is definitely one of our favorite state parks to reach via a quick day trip from the Triangle, especially from Greensboro!

You can see all five waterfalls in one day here but our favorite is absolutely Lower Cascade Falls! The entrance is outside the main park gate and has limited parking, so try to arrive as early as possible.

We usually start days by visiting Lower Cascade Falls before moving on to hike the Hanging Rock Trail or others around the park.

Mingo Falls

Hike Distance: 320 Steps Roundtrip

Mingo Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Meaning “Big Bear” in Cherokee, Mingo Falls is another kid-friendly waterfall hike in North Carolina. After only 160 steps, you will find yourself at the base of a 120-foot waterfall that is absolutely breathtaking.

Moore Cove Falls

Hike Distance: 1.5 miles roundtrip

Moore Cove Falls Brevard NC

Another North Carolina waterfall hike near Brevard is Moore Cove Falls. The spectacular 50-foot drop is located just up the road from Looking Glass Falls and pairs nicely with its more popular neighbor.

The 1.5-mile, round-trip adventure is a beautiful hidden gem.

Otter Falls

Hike Distance: 1.2 miles roundtrip

Otter Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Otter Falls is certainly one of our favorite waterfalls near Banner Elk and Boone. The trail is just down the road from Hawksnest, one of our favorite snow tubing spots!

The 1.2-mile round trip hike (strenuous on the way back up) awaits inside the resort community of Seven Devils, funded by several donors from the community in 2015.

We love the High Country and think you’ll want to know about these great things to do in Boone, in case you haven’t visited yet!

Roaring Fork Falls

Hike Distance: 1 mile roundtrip

Roaring Fork Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Roaring Fork Falls sits at the base of Mount Mitchell and is reachable after a short, half-mile hike. The falls plunge into a cool pool, creating a lovely scene. Surprisingly, this waterfall doesn’t get as busy as the others we’ve mentioned, but that could change as word gets around.

Roaring Fork and the next waterfall we mention can be grouped together and are a couple of our favorite things to do in Burnsville!

Setrock Creek Falls

Hike Distance: 0.4 miles roundtrip

Setrock Creek Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Just down the road from Roaring Fork, the Setrock Creek Falls trail starts at Black Mountain Campground, which is also where people set off on the Old Mitchell Trail on Mount Mitchell.

This 75-foot waterfall is reachable via an easy hike, compared to the latter 12-mile roundtrip journey that leads you to our highest peak.

Skinny Dip Falls

Hike Distance: 1 mile roundtrip

Skinny Dip Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

If not for the next place we’ll share, Skinny Dip Falls would be the most popular waterfall for its amazing swimming hole. It was once a hidden oasis right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, but things have certainly changed.

This energizing spot is great for a swim with a waterfall with a pool deep enough to jump into. Skinny Dip Falls is a short half-mile hike from the Looking Glass Rock Overlook (MP 417).

Sliding Rock

Hike Distance: Roadside

Sliding Rock Brevard NC Waterfall

Thanks to its smooth rock for sliding, the 60-foot Sliding Rock wins the “most popular swimming hole” category out of these waterfalls in North Carolina. It is perfect for sliding and extremely popular in the summer.

The water is cool but worth the trip to slip down this natural water slide!

Note: During the season, there is an entrance fee to Sliding Rock, and bathrooms and showers are available.

Soco Falls

Hike Distance: 200 feet or 0.2 miles roundtrip

Soco Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Located 11 miles east of Cherokee, Soco Falls is a collection of two falls that plunge together to create a scene worthy of inclusion among the best waterfalls in North Carolina. Soco Falls can either be viewed from a short hike on a viewing platform or a tougher scramble to the bottom.

Tom’s Creek Falls

Hike Distance: 1 mile roundtrip

Toms Creek Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

Another kid-friendly hike near Asheville is Tom’s Creek Falls. The 80-foot waterfall consists of two tiers that flow into the rocky riverbed below. This waterfall is also one of the few with an accessible trail and observation deck!

Tom’s Creek Falls is one of our favorite day trips from Asheville!

Upper Whitewater Falls

Hike Distance: 0.6 miles roundtrip

Whitewater Falls Waterfalls in North Carolina

The tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains, Upper Whitewater Falls is an impressive 411-foot tall waterfall along the North Carolina-South Carolina border. One vantage point of Upper Whitewater Falls is accessible and another can be reached by several stairs to a viewing platform.

Widow’s Creek Falls

Hike Distance: A few hundred feet from the parking lot.

Waterfalls in North Carolina Widows Creek Falls Stone Mountain State Park

Widow’s Creek Falls is the most beautiful of waterfalls in North Carolina’s Stone Mountain State Park. Between the other named waterfalls in the Park, it was a tough debate but Widow’s Creek wins out!

With a pool, cascades, and plenty of space around it, the falls get pretty busy in the summer for sliding and picnicking. It’s also just a short walk away from the parking lot, making this a convenient stop.

An honorable mention inside Stone Mountain State Park is the epic 200-foot Stone Mountain Falls, which you can access via the Stone Mountain Loop.

Ready for the Best Waterfalls in North Carolina?

As always, please remember to practice caution and safety while on the trails. Rocks are slippery when wet and deaths have occurred at some of these waterfalls. Keep on the trail, have proper footwear, and remember always pack out what you take in with you.

Many of these waterfalls in North Carolina are easy to access. Whether you’re walking behind Dry Falls, taking a dive at Skinny Dip Falls, or trekking out to Crabtree Falls, we hope you enjoy North Carolina’s beautiful waterfalls.

If you’ve seen some of these waterfalls, we’d love to know which are your favorites? If you haven’t made it to any yet, which ones do you plan on visiting first?

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