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NC News Submissions

Do you have a hot tip about some exciting NC news we should know about? Keep reading because you’re at the right place!

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We want to share the news of new local businesses, new trails, expansions, (unfortunately) closings, and anything else happening throughout North Carolina to keep our readers and social media followers up-to-date.

If you represent a tourism organization, a local company, or an event, we’d love to hear about your latest and biggest news. If you’re a North Carolina enthusiast like us and heard some great news, we’re still interested!

We will feature your scoop on our News page as long as it fits (and is verified by official sources).

What Are We Looking For?

A “fit” for our News page follows the NC Tripping mission, which is to share the best things to do in North Carolina. That is why we plan to share openings, closings, expansions, and any applicable changes in the following categories:

Is your town adding a new brewery? Is the local museum closing down a section with plans to reopen with something newer and more exciting? Let us know!

Did your favorite restaurant close? It might be our favorite restaurant, too, and we want to hear about it, no matter how sad the news.

What are We Not Looking For?

But there are also things we are not featuring at this time. These include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Awards/Recognition (exceptions may include the Carolina Panthers winning the Super Bowl. Hahahahaha! Sorry. I promise to remain professional from here on out.)
  • Human Interest Stories (may be a better fit for our podcast.)
  • Live Music Schedules (we may post major updates to local festivals if they will greatly impact attendees’ experiences.)
  • National or International Brands (exceptions include Duplin Winery, Carowinds, the Carolina Hurricanes, etc.)
  • New Menus or Items at Existing Restaurants
  • New Employees/CEOs/Chefs
  • Temporary Closures (exceptions include museums undergoing lengthy renovations or lighthouses being closed to climbers.)

This could change as North Carolina continues to evolve as a destination, so stay tuned for future updates on the news updates that we’re seeking.

Submit North Carolina News

To submit news about North Carolina business openings, closings, or expansions, please use the form below. If there is any additional information that we do not have a line item for, please include it in the “Relevant Details” section at the end of the form.

Please note: Submitting using the form below does not guarantee we will include your news update(s) on our site. Inclusion is at our discretion based on topic and fit.

We may reach out to request more information, relevant quotes, and images as needed if we decide to feature your news in this section or elsewhere on

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