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NC Travel Chat

NC Travel Chat

NC Travel Chat is our North Carolina travel podcast that’s a collection of lists and stories of the state’s amazing people and places, all of which feature in our posts.

Note: If you’d like to advertise on NC Travel Chat, please email us.

The Latest NC Travel Chat Episodes

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Previous Episodes

Here are the people that we’ve interviewed and topics we’ve covered on NC Travel Chat (from newest to oldest).

  • Episode 40: 5 Scenic Roads in North Carolina (from the Mountains to the Sea!)
  • Episode 39: 5 Colorful Fall Hikes in North Carolina
  • Episode 38: After a long hiatus, Carl announces our comeback for more NC Travel Chat!
  • Episode 37: 5 Things from Our NC Summer Bucket List
  • Episode 36: Mark Bastin from Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals joined us for a chat about his awesome rental company.
  • Episode 35: We share 7 of our favorite places to stay, including a bonus rental company at the end.
  • Episode 34: We focus on our current favorite spring hikes. We’ve covered them and many more in our guide to hiking trails in North Carolina.
  • Episode 33: We share some lesser-known places you should visit during spring break.
  • Episode 32: I’m probably making a mistake here but in this episode of NC Travel Chat, I share our 10 favorite waterfalls in North Carolina. This list will probably change tomorrow but I’m trying my best to stay in the present and own it.
  • Episode 31: Kevin Adams is one of the foremost writers and photographers of waterfalls in North Carolina. He joins us to talk about the Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina, a non-profit volunteer-led organization he founded that is dedicated to the well-being of waterfalls and “waterfallers.”
  • Episode 30: Justin Raymond from Carolina Packers joins us. His company produces Bright Leaf Hot Dogs and more. You can learn more about them at
  • Episode 29: This episode is dedicated to famous food brands from North Carolina. That includes snacks, soft drinks, hot dogs, and more!
  • Episode 28: Leesa Payton Jones shares info about The Washington Waterfront Underground, how she founded it, and more.
  • #24 to #27: Over four episodes, we share places to visit and learn about Black History in North Carolina.
  • Episode 23: Tonya Council is an entrepreneur based in Chapel Hill and one of the biggest supporters of local makers in North Carolina.
  • Episode 22: Take a break from doom-scrolling and just listen to these 5 things that I’m looking forward to in North Carolina in 2021.
  • Episode 21: 2020 was a tough year for so many people. That’s why I think it’s important for those of us who can to be grateful for what we have and where we live, especially if it’s North Carolina!
  • Episode 20: Ron Pringle is the President and CEO of Inter-Faith Food Shuttle based in Raleigh. His organization is one of North Carolina’s hard-working food banks.
  • Episode 19: Brian Lampkin is one of the owners of Scuppernong Books on Elm St in downtown Greensboro. Visiting Scuppernong is one of our favorite things to do any time we’re in Greensboro. In fact, it’s one of our favorite bookstores in the entire state.
  • Episode 18: Ben Owen is a descendant of the original Seagrove Potters that came to Randolph County (near Asheboro) as farmers and eventually emerged as world-renowned artists.
  • Episode 17: Tal Galton lives in Yancey County and owns Snakeroot Ecotours, which leads guided hikes through the forests of Yancey Co and the South Toe valley around Mount Mitchell.
  • Episode 16: Jake Blood of NC High Peaks and Explore Burnsville forms the first of a two-part series on the Black mountains that surround Burnsville and Yancey co.
  • Episode 15: Sabrina Bengel, a longtime New Bern resident (and business owner), joins us to talk about Ellie the Bear and more things New Bern is doing to remain near the top of our favorite small towns. (Listen on Apple | Listen on Spotify)
  • Episode 14: Daniel Sasser joined us to talk about the art of ballooning, how Statesville became a hub for it, and eventually, Carolina Balloonfest’s origins, which has been around much longer than you might think.
  • Episode 13: We followed up on the previous one, with two on-site interviews with Toe River Artists who reside in Yancey County.
  • Episode 12: Nealy Andrews is the Executive Director of Toe River Arts and during our interview, she shares the ways she and her team are helping area artists pivot to e-commerce and social media marketing.
  • Episode 11: Uli Bennewitz of Weeping Radish, North Carolina’s first microbrewery.
  • Episode 10.75: This episode is a special one because Carl shares his feelings on releasing the NC Bucket List in book form. For more info about the book, visit this page.
  • Episode 10.5: Carl flies solo to look back on the first episodes, share thoughts on the journey, and where we’re going with topics on NC Travel Chat.
  • Episode 10: Rick Bell of Engadine Inn and Cabins near Asheville
  • Episode 9: Kate Pearce of Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh
  • Episode 8: Beverly Mooney of Millstone Creek Orchards in Randolph County
  • Episode 7: Gerri Grady of Grady’s Barbecue in Wayne County
  • Episode 6: Calvin Reyes of the Henry River Mill Village (aka District 12) in Burke County
  • Episode 5: Brandon Wright of Bull City Laughs in Durham
  • Episode 4: Lee Rankin of Apple Hill Farm in Banner Elk
  • Episode 3: Jenny Bell of the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau in Fayetteville
  • Episode 2: Jason Frye of Travel Writing fame based in Wilmington
  • Episode 1: Christina Riley, one half (or the better half) of NC Tripping

NC Travel Chat Prospective Participants

In order to pull off NC Travel Chat, we’re seeking fellow travelers and writers, but also business owners and changemakers throughout NC to chat with us about what they do and what they love about our state.

And to give you a leg up on everyone else, here are the kinds of people we’d love to chat with:

  • Business Owners, Changemakers, Philanthropists, Writers, Prominent People, Michael Jordan (is it really you?), The Avett Brothers (or is it really you?).
  • People who write about travel and love talking about North Carolina.
  • Born-and-raised North Carolinians or those who’ve lived here a long time.
  • Folks with diverse, interesting backgrounds.
  • Someone who has overcome a lot of hardship or challenges to do what they’re doing.
  • A fixture or someone well-known in their local community.

Note: Not all of these are required but they are a huge bonus! The only requirement is that you (or they) be willing to chat with us while being recorded.

So, if it’s you or you know anyone who might fit the bill, please HELP us and let us know about them below.

Who We’re Seeking (Please Read)

Before you go and submit your interviewee, keep in mind that we’ll need as much information as possible. We expect a lot of excitement around this and might not be able to reach out if you’re not able to provide us with the following:

  • Background Info on Interviewee (or yourself) and why we should reach out.
  • Best Email for Follow-Up (if not the one you provide in the form).
  • Contact Phone Number for Interview.
  • Good Time(s) to Chat with You or Interviewee.

When you’re ready to submit all this information, please feel free to do so in the contact form just below!

Thank you so much for helping us get NC Travel Chat going! As always, we look forward to sharing more of North Carolina with you.