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Kenny Pieper Glass is one of many Toe River Artists you should visit!

NC Travel Chat #13: Hanging Out with 3 Wonderful Toe River Artists Inside their Studios

Last Updated on September 28, 2020

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For this episode of NC Travel Chat, we followed up on the previous one, which was with Toe River Arts Executive Director Nealy Andrews. This episode consists of two on-site interviews with Toe River Artists who reside in Yancey County.

Toe River Artists Interview Summary

The first person we met was Kenny Pieper of Pieper Glass. He showed us around his studio and gallery of pieces that are a mix of ancient and contemporary techniques. Pieper also shared insights about his journey from his early life to today and kindly answered any questions this non-art expert (me) had.

For a closer look at Kenny’s process, this video on his site does a wonderful job of capturing it.

Afterward, we ventured out to talk with Claudia Dunaway and John D Richards of Yummy Mud Puddle. Claudia was a potter until she recently transitioned into woodblock prints. John, according to Claudia and anyone who’ll ask, is an art machine.

Shoutouts Include:

Artist Shoutouts Include:

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