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7 Wonderful Lavender Farms in North Carolina (and When to Visit Them!)

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on March 6, 2024.

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Visiting lavender farms in North Carolina is one of the best late spring and summer activities for families! You get outside, enjoy time with your loved ones, and pick something fresh to take home.

An added bonus with each of the farms we’re going to feature is that they offer something unique beyond lavender. No spoilers but this is why you really should try to visit them all!

Before you get out there, our guide will share a few helpful tips. Here’s how we’ve organized things for you:

  • When to Visit Lavender Farms in NC
  • Tips Before Visiting Lavender Fields and Farms 
  • Lavender Health Benefits
  • Lavender Farms in North Carolina (Names, Addresses, and Info)
  • Map of Lavender Farms in North Carolina
  • More Outdoor-Friendly Activities and Places in North Carolina (Related Posts)

After you’ve found the perfect place to go lavender picking, pack some scissors and get ready for a wonderful day soaking up those lovely scents and smells.

This post is part of our series on the best things to do in North Carolina.

When to Visit Lavender Farms in NC

Lavender blooms between the months of May and September. The best time to see and pick them is typically in June.

When lavender stops blooming will vary according to the year, but it is typically around the end of summer in September. 

Tips Before Visiting Lavender Farms in North Carolina

Lavender farms in North Carolina.

There are many varieties of lavender, which are best used for different things, so when going to a lavender fields in NC, it is a good idea to pick the variety that best fits your needs and personal use. 

Lavender plants attract bees and butterflies, which you’ll probably notice when you pick. One person in our family is allergic to bee stings, so we’ve kept our distance from them at lavender farms and have not had a problem yet.

Bringing your own scissors with you is extremely helpful. Unlike strawberries and apples, lavender needs to be cut.

Most lavender farms and fields will recommend you bring scissors, so prepare accordingly.

Lavender Health Benefits

Cutting lavender at Lavender Farm in NC

Lavender is an efficient herb with many uses, including medicinal, body, and bath products, cooking and baking, and more. Since ancient times, lavender has been used to help with many physical ailments, including but not limited to; skin irritations, acne, toothaches, nausea, insomnia, eczema, and more.

Lavender has soothing and calming properties that can reduce stress and ease headaches, making it very useful in body products such as bath salts, bath bombs, lotions, and essential oils. Lavender is a natural deterrent to insects such as mosquitos and flies and creatures like moles and deer. This makes it a helpful plant for gardeners trying to keep animals and insects at bay.

Because of its soothing and calming properties, lavender makes for a good spray or mist (and it doesn’t hurt that it smells wonderful too). It can also replace rosemary in many recipes, making it good for cooking savory recipes and baking. 

Lavender Farms in North Carolina (Names, Addresses, and Info)

Lavender Oaks Farm

3833 Millard Whitley Rd, Chapel Hill

Kids at Lavender Farm in NC

Lavender Oaks Farm in Chapel Hill not only has huge lavender fields with nine different varieties, but this is also a wedding venue, hosts tours, and events, and has its own Lavender Shoppe.

Take a group “Culinary Lavender Lunch & Learn” tour, where you will spend 25 minutes learning about the farm. A culinary lavender lunch buffet then follows this. The cost is $50/per person.

Lavender Oaks Chapel Hill Lavender Farm offers “u-pick” lavender in June for $25/fresh-cut bundle, which is around 25 stems and includes the admission fee.

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Carolina Lavender Farm

188 Meek Rd, Gastonia

Carolina Lavender Farm in Gastonia offers organically grown lavender. There is a $15 admission fee, with that cost being able to go towards a purchase. They offer many lavender items, such as essential oils, jelly, sachet bags, and cooking seasonings.

Carolina Lavender Farm also works with Charlotte restaurants, such as Amelie French Bakery, providing them with fresh lavender for the food and drink items. 

It’s one of the top lavender farms near Charlotte.

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Dallas Lavender Lane Farm

937 Old Willis School Road, Dallas

There is no entrance fee to visit Dallas Lavender Lane Farm in Gaston County and that’s just a part of the fun. This is a 38-acre farm that grows four different varieties of lavender.

Each of their varieties offers different properties that allow them to make numerous products such as goat milk, lavender honey, baking mixes, and more. They even offer their own CBD tinctures and lotions.

This farm even holds the Lavender Festival in Dallas NC each year.

One thing that makes this NC lavender farm unique is the baby animals here. Say hello to the goats, pigs, and enjoy one of their lavender lemonade slushies!

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Sunshine Lavender Farm

4104 Millstone Road, Hurdle Mills

Sunshine Lavender Farm is a family-owned farm north of Durham in the Person County community of Hurdle Mills. The farm is open during the holiday season and in June when their lavender is in full bloom.

Since it is a private residence as well, they encourage visitors to sign up for their newsletter to get personal invites to any of their events!

There is no entrance fee when coming to the farm, but they offer an abundance of lavender items, some of which are even one-of-a-kind to them.

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Frogholler Lavender Farm

1095 Joe Joyce Rd, Madison

Frogholler Lavender Farm is located in Madison, about 35 minutes north of Greensboro. The Rockingham County farm provides you with a break from the hustle and bustle of busy life, even if you’re only there for a few hours.

During lavender picking season, you can pick from the fields to make handcrafted lavender wand sticks or wreaths or take yours home and use it as you wish.

They offer many events, one of which offers on-site catering that they have named “Farm Feast Days” where guests come by to enjoy a nice home-cooked meal with the beauty of the fields surrounding them.

When visiting, you can take a look at all the local and handmade items they have in their farm store, including lavender buds/stems, natural soaps, fresh herbs and spices, and more. 

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Good Ashe Lavender Farm

225 Joe Hampton Rd, Lansing

Good Ashe Lavender Farm in Lansing (Ashe County) is a Certified Natural Grower, using only spring water and natural mountain air to grow their lavender fields. They offer U-Pick lavender days during their growing season for $9/bundle.

Visitors can also buy lavender sachets and soaps.

The Pavillon, a small group venue on the farm property, is also available for rent if you want to host an event on their beautiful, all-natural lavender farm! 

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Map of Lavender Farms in North Carolina

Map of Lavender Farms in North Carolina 2021
Image Created via Google Maps.

If you’re a visual planner like us, you’ll like our map of lavender farms in North Carolina. We created it via Google Maps and hope it helps you!

Ready to Visit these Wonderful Lavender Farms in North Carolina?

Charlotte at Lavender Farm in NC

No matter the time of year, we’re always looking forward to visiting these lavender farms in North Carolina. Hopefully, this guide convinced you as well.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to spend time choosing and cutting some fresh lavender to take home, we’d love to know about your experiences. Have you ever frequented any of these lavender farms?

Tell us all about them in the comments or share your experiences in our Facebook Group!

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