Local Events Submissions

North Carolina Local Events Submissions by NC Tripping

We at NC Tripping love sharing rounds of local events in North Carolina each month.

Our readers and followers enjoy adding many of these events to their lists of things to do throughout the year. These posts also shine a light on events a lot of people might not have known about before. One recent example is the Wooly Worm Festival in Banner Elk that we included in our October Things to Do guide.

For more information about our readership, stats, etc., please see our media kit.

Before scrolling to the bottom and sending us your local events submissions, please carefully read the entirety of this page. Failing to do so may lead to you overlooking a crucial detail that will help you earn placement on our site. 

Guidelines and Rules

There are some simple rules that we ask you to follow when submitting your local events. We’ve broken them down into Free or “Non-Guaranteed” and Paid or “Guaranteed” placement.

Non-Guaranteed Placement (Free)

We will consider adding your local events, but your submission in no way guarantees you a listing in the monthly countdown. 

Note: If you want to be guaranteed placement, please scroll down to the next section.

All events are special in their own unique ways, but keep in mind that there may be busy times. And because we thoroughly research and narrow down our monthly event posts, we may not be able to include your event.

For non-guaranteed placement, we are most likely to include the following events:

  • Free events.
  • Historically or culturally important. (Ex. Moogfest in Durham)
  • Non-profit-supported events. (Ex. Chow Chow in Asheville)
  • Events that support our state’s agriculture, small businesses, charitable causes, etc.
  • Events that seek to include all people.

We are less inclined to include the following events:

  • National touring acts, or even local touring acts.
  • Private events or those with an expensive entrance fee.
  • Events that our sole discretion determines would not be beneficial to our readers and prospective travelers to North Carolina.
  • Events that are submitted more than once. Please don’t follow up multiple times. We will respond to you.
  • Events submitted at the last minute. (See “Additional Terms” below)

Guaranteed Placement ($)

We currently offer two guaranteed listing spots in the monthly roundup of upcoming events. Events are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

They will receive placement in the top two spots on the list to ensure the first and most possible attention. (Ex. The first ad received will be listed on top, and the second ad received will be listed second.)

Cost and Terms of Placement

The cost for a guaranteed listing is $100 for one month. Payment is due prior to publication. Rates may be subject to increase over time.

If your event occurs for longer than one month, you will be charged for two months.

At the end of your event description, your event will be marked as “(Sponsored)” to comply with FTC regulations. Here’s an example:

North Carolina State Fair, Raleigh [Sponsored]

NC Tripping will write all copy that appears after the event title.

If you are seeking a paid listing, and no spaces are available, your event will be included with the other listings. 

Additional Terms

NC Tripping reserves the right to deny any guaranteed listing prior to payment for any reason and at our sole discretion. We strive to provide events that will interest readers and travelers to North Carolina and our sole discretion will determine this.

Finally, to be considered, submissions must be received prior to the 1st of the month before to the event (ex. August 1 for September events).

To submit your guaranteed listing or a listing for consideration of inclusion, please visit our contact page.

We will be in contact with payment information or any questions that we may have.