Carolina BalloonFest in Statesville: 40+ Colorful Years of History and More Coming!

Last Updated on August 4, 2021

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Carolina BalloonFest is the second-oldest hot air balloon festival in the world and been running for nearly 50 years. The Statesville-based festival brings in close to 40,000 people to Statesville from all over the country. Balloons fly all weekend and it is certainly a sight to see.

It takes place on the third weekend of October annually and ranks on our NC Bucket List of things to do. We even included it in our book!

But what has made North Carolina, specifically Statesville, such a booming place for ballooning?

We share all of that including updated info for 2021 in this guide! Here’s how we’ve organized things:

  • History of Ballooning in Statesville
  • Carolina BalloonFest Background
  • 2021 Carolina BalloonFest Info
  • Our Balloon Ride Experience

This post is part of our series on all the fun things to do in Statesville.

Carolina BalloonFest in Statesville

Visit Statesville is offering a “Stay and Play” package during the third weekend of October, which includes $100 to spend downtown if you stay in Statesville.

Special thanks to Visit Statesville for sending me up in a balloon and for introducing us to the folks who manage Carolina Balloonfest. All opinions within this article are our own.

History of Ballooning in Statesville

Much of the info in this article came from an interview with Carolina BalloonFest board member and balloon meister Daniel Sasser. He joined us for NC Travel Chat. You can listen to the interview here or anywhere podcasts are available.

The answer to “why Statesville” is simple really—manufacturing. Balloon Works, also known as Firefly Balloons, opened in Statesville in 1969 and was one of the original manufacturers of hot air balloons in the country.

Tracy Barnes

Started by Tracy Barnes, Balloon Works set up in Love Valley in Iredell County and capitalized on the craftsmen of the area. Every part of a hot air balloon needs specific and specialized design, so this led to Statesville being the main area for pilots to buy and service their balloons.

Bill Meadows

In addition to Balloon Works opening to manufacture and sell balloons, Statesville native Bill Meadows established a flight training and promotion company to train pilots.

Not only was Statesville where balloons were manufactured and pilots trained, but the weather and geography of North Carolina’s Piedmont is perfect for hot air ballooning. Tracy Barnes chose Statesville specifically because of those factors.

The proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina provided some shelter from extreme weather so flying could be less challenging. Add in the fact that Statesville is centrally located because of I-77 and I-40, pilots and balloonists are able to reach Statesville easily.

Carolina BalloonFest Background and 2021 Info

Hot Air Balloons Statesville NC

All of this is what contributed to the first Carolina BalloonFest in 1974, when it was originally known as the National Balloon Rally.

Pilot training would take place at the factory and many balloonists would come back to Statesville to fly together. It became a homecoming and a way for people across the country to come together who share the same love for hot air balloons.

Balloon Works planned to invite past customers as well as potential customers to enjoy a week of fellowship, and the atmosphere of comradery lives on today.

2021 Carolina BalloonFest Info

The festival remains volunteer-led and returns for the third weekend of October 2021. Tickets for October 15, 16, and 17, 2021 can be purchased here. Kids under 12 receive FREE admission.

The cost of admission goes back to the community into nonprofits that help provide volunteers for the events.  

If you are in Statesville during that weekend, make sure to look up in the sky, smile, and snap a picture.

Our Experience Riding in a Hot Air Balloon

Flying a Hot Air Balloon in North Carolina

Even when Carolina BalloonFest isn’t happening, you can still fly high in the sky. Private balloon rides take place in Statesville throughout much of the year and are honestly an incredible experience.

The Basics (Plus Weather Factors)

Hot Air Balloons NC

Each balloon holds two people (and a pilot. You aren’t on your own!) and rides last for an hour to an hour and a half.

We flew with Charles and Kristie of Big oh! Balloons and had an absolutely wonderful experience. They didn’t pay me anything to say that.

But there are some things you should know before you go up in a hot air balloon. Flights typically happen either at sunrise or just before sunset.

Why? Because this is the time of day where the air is the most stable.

Your flight is totally dependent on weather, so being flexible and understanding that the pilots are thinking about your safety first is critical to an enjoyable experience.


Take Off Hot Air Balloon in North Carolina

Before inflating the balloon (we don’t say blow up, because that could be bad!) you will sit down and go over a waiver and safety protocols. If you are lucky, you can help your pilot inflate the balloon and even step inside of it before it is turned upright!


Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Statesville NC

Once inside the balloon, you are ready for take-off. The pilot will turn up the flame to fill the balloon with hot air to lift you and your companion off the ground.

I won’t lie. This was the scariest part of the entire trip for me.

I held on to the wicker basket very tight for at least 15 minutes after we were off the ground until I started to loosen up and feel secure.

While you are in the air you are floating effortlessly over farmland and trees. Charles asked us to put our hands out and grab a leave from a passing tree.

Looking as far as you can from 400 feet above the ground with the silence surrounding you is something that really can’t be described beyond a magical feeling.

On a clear day, you can see Pilot Mountain and even the Charlotte skyline. Time goes both slow and fast while you are up in the balloon because before you know it you are making your way for landing in what is hopefully a large field.


I was so worried about taking off that I didn’t even think about landing!

Landing is unpredictable. Ideally, you land in a large open field that is easily accessible via a secondary road, because the chase car is going to want easy access to fold up the balloon and basket.

Our landing was a little bit of both. We landed in a large open field, but realized that we were enclosed by a fence where the truck could not access.

To make things more challenging for Charles, the pilot, there was also a power line that he needed to hop over. We ascended and made it over the power line, hoping to land in the road but we missed it and kept going.


Hot Air Balloon Ride Statesville NC

Once the balloon was deflated, we helped to roll and fold it back up so that it would fit back nicely into the trailer of the chase car. This process can be easy or take a little longer depending on where you land.

And that’s part of the fun—every balloon ride is going to be different!

While talking to Charles during the flight, I learned that there really isn’t a bad time of year to fly a hot air balloon. The only time that might not be ideal is during the really hot days of summer.

The heat combined with the heat coming off of the flame isn’t going to be enjoyable.

Ready for Carolina BalloonFest and Beyond in Statesville?

From Statesville’s interesting history of ballooning to the iconic Carolina BalloonFest, we think there are plenty of reasons you should keep tabs on this part of our state.

Riding in a hot air balloon was definitely a NC bucket list-worthy item for me, and I’m so grateful that have had such a wonderful experience in Statesville!

Have you ever flown in a hot air balloon? How about over Statesville or elsewhere in North Carolina? And for bonus points, have you ever attended Carolina BalloonFest?

We’d love to know either way and look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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