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The People of NC

People of NC Image

We’ve met some pretty awesome people while traveling through North Carolina. Among the folks we now call our friends are business owners, chefs, go-getters, writers, and just generally good people.

So many times, travel guides focus on the places and things to do. But here, this section is all about the people of North Carolina.

Latest People of North Carolina Features

We’re excited to bring you this collection of inspirational people we’ve interviewed and hope you can gain as much wisdom from them as we have.

Who Will Be Next?

Do you know someone who’s doing great things in your community? We’d love it if you told us about them because who knows. They might just be the next person we interview! 

Send your idea our way because we’re always excited to collaborate! You can also visit our Facebook Group and ask a question there. Either way, we look forward to continuing spreading the word about the awesome people of North Carolina.

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