Why and How to Support Amazing Local Businesses Every Day

Last Updated on April 13, 2021

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For this post, we want to step away from sharing specific places and the people who make them awesome. Here, we’re going to shed some light on one key group of people who really need our support today and during any tough times that North Carolina is going through.

They are our local businesses and the people who run and work for them.

Support Local Businesses Today and Forever

Why should we band together and support local businesses? For starters, many local businesses don’t have the backup funds available to temporarily shut up shop. For some, that decision might mean not making their next rent.

And secondly, these brave and inspiring owners bust their humps day in and day out to provide us amazing services and goods. We should absolutely support them—only if we can.

Additionally, we want to include the hardworking employees of small businesses. These folks remain by their bosses’ and owners’ sides through thick and thin.

During the leanest of lean times, these workers keep coming, even if their hearts and minds might be begging them to stay home. That’s because many of them MUST work in order to pay the rent or mortgage and put food on the table for their families.

They’ve Been There For Us

We understand that it’s difficult to ask anything else from you during difficult times. But here’s why I am: because local businesses have been there for us and our communities. And they’ve done this many times before when we’ve needed them and most times, without being asked.

Without getting into specifics, I can think of many businesses coming through for local citizens and emergency workers during various disasters that have befallen North Carolina. And while we agree that this is absolutely the time to practice caution and to stay safe, we think there are still a variety of ways you can support local businesses.

How We All Can Support Local Businesses

  • Most importantly, follow emergency protocols directed by health organizations (WHO, CDC, and local health officials)
  • Purchase Gift Cards
  • Order Items for Delivery (Includes Events T-shirts, Retail Products, Food)
  • Sign Up for Membership Clubs

If you’re not able to help with your wallet, that’s okay. But if you have a phone or access to a computer, here are some FREE ways to help:

  • Interact with local businesses on social media (like, heart, and comment nicely)
  • Leave kind reviews or recommend them when asked to do so online
  • Invite your friends to like or follow them on social media
  • Share their posts and business page to YOUR social media
  • Tell us about your favorite local businesses in your town in this post and others we’ve shared and shine a bright spotlight on them!

Let’s Do This Together

I know that this may come off as us promoting travel during tough times. However, that’s not what this is about. Yes, there have been (and will be) times when we will back off from sharing content related to North Carolina travel. We will assess those situations as they arise and develop.

But right now, in this post, we want to show the people who own and work in our communities that we’ve got their backs. We’ll always support them and hope you feel that way, too.

So now that we’ve shared our feelings about supporting local businesses in North Carolina (and worldwide, honestly!), we’d love to hear it from you. Which businesses in your community deserve some spotlight? Let us know here in the comments or by email.

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