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How to Reach Moore Cove Falls near Brevard

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on May 28, 2024.

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Moore Cove Falls is an enchanting 50-foot waterfall near Brevard (also near Asheville!) that sits inside Pisgah National Forest, between Looking Glass Creek Falls and Sliding Rock along the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway. It’s formed by a low flow of water that cascades over a rock face framed by a rock outcrop.

A pseudo cave sits behind the falls and is one of its most striking features. The hike to reach this waterfall and return to your car is only 1.5 miles round-trip, fairly easy to complete for any hiker.

Inside our guide, we’ll provide a deeper breakdown of this awesome hike near Asheville and have organized it for you with the following sections:

  • About the Falls
  • Where is Moore Cove Falls?
  • When to Visit
  • Leave No Trace
  • The Moore Cove Falls Hike
  • Places Nearby (and Related Posts)

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About the Falls

Moore Cove Falls

Moore Cove Falls is a 50-foot waterfall that is surrounded by ferns and rhododendrons. A cave sits behind it and if you’re lucky enough to visit after healthy periods of rain, this waterfall is particularly stunning.

It is technically not recommended to go behind this waterfall, due to the slippery nature of the rocks at its base. If you do decide to walk behind the falls, please be careful and prepare by wearing proper footwear.

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Where is Moore Cove Falls Trail?

Trailhead Address: US-276, Brevard, NC 28712 (Google Maps Pin)
Official Trail Map

As we mentioned, Moore Cove Falls is located along the US-276 portion of the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway. From Brevard, you’ll drive 6.5 miles north and just one mile past Looking Glass Falls. From the Blue Ridge Parkway, Moore Cove Falls is 8.2 miles south, with the parking area on the left.

Moore Cove Falls directions can be difficult to follow because there are no signs identifying Moore Cove Falls, but you’ll find its parking area along the road. The trail begins at a stone road bridge, with an information board just before a wooden pedestrian bridge overlooking glass creek. 

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When to Visit Moore Cove Falls NC

Moore Cove Falls Brevard NC

We recommend visiting Moore Cove Falls after a big rain. The water flow is usually low to begin with, and a recent rainstorm will magnify the falls’ beauty. It is also worth saying that Moore Cove is a great winter hike! Snow and ice can accumulate at the base of the waterfall, which can be really cool to see.

During warmer months, hikers love to walk behind the falls and explore the cave behind. The large rock outcrop that creates this cave provides for truly magnificent pictures. 

Moore Cove Falls North Carolina is very popular on the weekends and also even during the week in warmer months. Many people come to see the nearby Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock, many times adding this waterfall to their itinerary.

Our advice is to arrive early to avoid crowds and snag a parking spot. Parking is limited at Moore Cove Falls, and there may not always be a spot available.

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Leave No Trace

Moore Cove Falls Bridge

Before visiting Moore Cove Falls, we want to remind you to always keep this place beautiful and to leave no trace. Trash does NOT belong anywhere on our trails, including this one.

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The Moore Cove Falls Hike

The hike to Moore Cove Falls begins with a wooden pedestrian bridge followed by several natural steps. This section is the steepest part, with the trail being relatively flat from there on out.

Moore Cove Falls kid friendly

After 0.75 miles, the trail will end at a viewing platform. Some hikers like to cross Moore Creek via a social trail before reaching this platform for a different vantage point.

One of the most popular aspects of Moore Cove Falls is that you can walk behind the waterfall and under the rock outcrop. If you proceed past the viewing platform, do so at your own risk.

Never climb to the top of any waterfall, including this one, as there was a Moore Cove Falls death in 2016 when a man climbed on top of the falls. Also, hiking the area upstream of the falls is dangerous and can even result in significant environmental damage.

Ready for the Moore Cove Falls Hike?

Moore Cove Falls behind the waterfall

We’ve enjoyed this waterfall throughout the year and love the views it offers. As always, use caution and sense while hiking to Moore Cove Falls and when you arrive at its base.

With that caution in mind, we still regard Moore Cove Falls as an excellent kid-friendly waterfall hike, in case you want to bring the whole family!

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Places Nearby

Sliding Rock near Moore Cove Falls Brevard NC
Sliding Rock.
  • Looking Glass Falls is probably the most visited waterfall in North Carolina due to its accessibility. It’s a roadside waterfall that you can venture down some stairs for a closer view. No matter your vantage point, Looking Glass makes for beautiful photos. 
  • Further down the US-276 portion of the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway is Sliding Rock, an extremely popular place in the summer for those looking to cool off! This natural waterslide is located along the same road as Moore Cove Falls and promises icy cold water.
  • On the NC-215 side of the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway, you’ll find the roadside Sunburst Falls and the lovely combo of French Broad Falls (Mill Shoals) and Bird Rock Falls.
  • If you’d like to hit a North Carolina brewery before or after exploring Pisgah National Forest, check out Ecusta Brewing. Sit outside by the river and enjoy a tasty pint after exploring these wonderful waterfalls!

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Here are some guides to places we’ve mentioned and more things to do in Brevard, as well as its surroundings.

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