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Silver Run Falls in Jackson County (How to Reach this Gorgeous Waterfall!)

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on May 28, 2024.

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Silver Run Falls is a beautiful 25-foot waterfall in Jackson County, North Carolina, just down the road from Cashiers. An excellent pool and plenty of space await in front of it, making this waterfall a perfect swimming hole and picnic spot.

But before you grab your towels and hop in the car, there are a few things we want you to know. First, we cover some interesting facts, including important info about parking and more.

Here’s how we’ve organized this guide:

  • About Silver Run Falls
  • Where is Silver Run Falls?
  • When to Visit
  • Before You Go: Leave No Trace Reminder
  • The “Hike”
  • Nearby Towns
  • Nearby Waterfalls

You can scroll ahead to the section of your choice or continue reading about the nearly vertical cascade and cool water at Silver Run Falls. 

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About Silver Run Falls

Silver Run Falls

The waterfall forms from Silver Run Creek, cascading 25 feet over a rock face into a gentle pool. Plenty of rocks sit near the base, so you have a place to leave your shoes.

Once in the pool, you can walk around the falls. When you do, you’ll see that there is a second tier at the top. 

Silver Run Falls might be a relatively secluded waterfall, but it is a popular swimming hole in the summer.

Getting in the water at Silver Run Falls is ideal for small children as the pool starts with a slow entry of soft sand. Then, if the sun is out, make sure to look down and see the shining flecks of mica down in the water.

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Where is Silver Run Falls?

Silver Run Falls is located in Nantahala National Forest and is just four miles south of Cashiers, in Jackson County. It’s the best of all the Cashiers NC waterfalls. When driving south on NC-107, a sign for the waterfall will be on your left.

More importantly, we suggest you keep an eye out for the sign indicating “Pedestrians Crossing.” If you miss the Silver Run Falls trailhead trailhead, a good spot to turn around won’t come for a few miles.

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Silver Run Falls Trailhead Parking

The parking lot is small and fits 5 to 6 cars. There is some additional parking across the road for up to 3 vehicles, but it is tight!

Smaller cars may not be able to park on the side of the road, as the shoulder isn’t always flat.

Another parking issue here and with pulling into the parking lot is the oncoming traffic. Cars tend to fly up and down NC 107, so be patient and don’t hurry to pull in.

This relative chaos is perhaps why you may have Silver Run Falls to yourself.

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When to Visit Silver Run Falls

Silver Run Falls near Cashiers

Without a doubt, the best time to visit Silver Run Falls is in the summer. The trees shroud the swimming hole with some shade, and the water is icy cold.

During one summer visit, our young daughter jumped around, splashed in the water, and had a wonderful time. The water does get deeper directly in front of the falls, just enough to enjoy cooling off! 

We have also heard that Silver Run Falls is an excellent Nantahala National Forest waterfalls to visit in the winter when it freezes with delicate icicles.

Let us know if you’ve been in the winter, and share your photos with us in the comments or by email

Before You Go: Leave No Trace Reminder

Before you visit Silver Run Falls or any outdoor space in North Carolina, we want to remind you to leave no trace. That means you should take everything you brought with you out of the woods.

Any trash must be taken with you as there are no trash cans or bathrooms available at this location. So if you see waste that’s not yours, you’d be doing us all a great favor if you picked it up and took it with you.

Either way, we hope you’ll help us keep this North Carolina waterfall and all others beautiful! 

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The Silver Run Falls Hike

Silver Run Falls Jackson County

While many describe Silver Run Falls as a roadside waterfall, there is a short 500-foot walk to complete first. The trail is primarily flat with a small wooden bridge to cross.

However, there are some bumps along the way, so this trail is not suitable for strollers or individuals with mobility issues.

Silver Run Falls Trail

Once you reach the base of the waterfall, you will need to either take your shoes off and walk through the creek or use careful footing to get closer.

Whether you’re there all along or with friends and family, we hope you find the refreshing, especially if you’ve visited on a hot summer day!

Ready to Visit Silver Run Falls?

We love this waterfall and think you will, too, especially after you’ve dipped your toes in that fresh, cold water. If you’ve also spent time here, we’d love to know what you think of this place!

Even if you haven’t been to Silver Run Falls, we’re eager to hear about your first time there! Let us know in the comments section below or by email.

Before you do, we think you should know about nearby places that would serve as the perfect base and further adventures!

Nearby Towns

There are a lot of cool places near Silver Run Falls, and here are a few of the best and our favorites.


Cashiers North Carolina Village Green

Cashiers is the closest town to Silver Run Falls. You’ll pass through it if you’re traveling on US 64 to reach NC 107.

This mountain town has a lot of cute shops and a large (13.2 acre) outdoor community area known as the Village Green.

Grab a beer at Whiteside Brewing and a rack of ribs from Cashiers Valley Smokehouse after a day of waterfalls. 


Highlands North Carolina

Highlands is 14 miles from Silver Run Falls and is known for its boutique and luxury accommodations. Stay at the Old Edwards Inn and book a spa treatment, but first, have dinner at Wolfgang’s Restaurant.

Breakfast and coffee at Mountain Fresh Grocery are a must, even if you’re not staying in town.

Nearby Waterfalls!

Dry Falls North Carolina
Dry Falls

If you continue through Highlands on US-64, you’ll be on the Cullasaja Gorge section of the NC Waterfall Byway. Along this route, you’ll see the roadside Bridal Veil Falls (not the DuPont State Forest one), Dry Falls, and Bust Your Butt Falls. 

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Upper Whitewater Falls is only 15 minutes away from Silver Run Falls if you continue south on NC 107. At 411 feet, this is North Carolina’s tallest waterfall and the tallest east of the Rockies.

You can see Upper Whitewater Falls after a leisurely walk along a paved trail. Then, descend some stairs for an even better view!

These guides share a few more of our favorite waterfalls in North Carolina, including Silver Run Falls and a few of our Silver Run Falls photos.

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