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5 Amazing Breweries In Greenville (The Best Pint Stops!)

Published by Carl Hedinger. Last Updated on October 12, 2023.

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While there are so many fun and exciting things to do, we found that our favorite was cruising through breweries in Greenville, Farmville, and Winterville in Pitt County, Eastern North Carolina. Thanks to a local tourism initiative, you can do that while also consuming some legendary North Carolina barbecue.

For this article, we’ll stick to each of the breweries in Greenville and what we drank. In case you’re eager to chow down, we also created a guide to the best restaurants in Greenville.

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  • Farmville Breweries
  • Winterville Breweries
  • Ready to Sip at These Breweries in Greenville and Pitt County?

Our map displays the location of all these breweries in Greenville and around Pitt County. For more info about each one, continue reading.

Whether you’re a new resident, a frequent visitor, or a local, we’re leaving no detail behind. If you live in the Greenville area and are wondering, “What are the best breweries near me?” we think this NC travel guide will help you out!

Note: While visiting these breweries in Greenville and its surroundings, please drink responsibly and coordinate a designated driver.

Breweries in Greenville

The Visit Greenville-created Pitt County Brews and Cues Trail helped us explore these five breweries in Greenville by pairing them with five incredible and historic Eastern NC barbecue restaurants.

From the hazy IPAs at Pitt Street Brewing to the whole hog cue at Skylight Inn, you’ll find that pairing barbecue and beer just works together.

Now that you know about this fun initiative, let’s dig into those five amazing breweries in Greenville that deserve the attention of this article!

Pitt Street Brewing Company  

Address: 630 Pitt St, Greenville, NC

Pitt Street Brewing Company, the most recognizable name among all the breweries in Greenville.

Pitt Street Brewing is a Greenville NC brewery that sits inside a former 1926 Coco-Cola Bottling Company building. The renovated space is perfect for families and the community coming together to enjoy a delicious brew.

They have great outdoor seating, and the line-up of beers is always changing.

What we drank: Mirror for the Sun, a Lime Blonde Ale.

Uptown Greenville Brewing Company  

Address: 418 Evans St, Greenville, NC

Located right in the heart of Greenville, Uptown Brewing Company is a great place to head for a pint. With a large space and rustic brick walls, the atmosphere is perfect for you to enjoy a couple of beers with friends.

With beers ranging from a crisp lager to a dark and heavy porter, there is something for everyone to drink at this classic Greenville Brewery.

What we drank: Uptown Yacht Rock, a Pina Colada IPA

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Farmville Breweries

Farmville is a small town about 20 minutes east of Greenville. Here are a few very popular breweries that are worth the drive!

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

Address: 4519 W Pine St, Farmville, NC

You’ve probably seen this iconic beer label in your grocery store. Distributed from Florida to Pennsylvania, Duck-Rabbit specializes in full-flavored dark beers.

But that logo? It comes from founder Paul Philippon’s former career in philosophy. Depending on how you look at it, the logo either looks like a duck or a rabbit!

Winterville Breweries

Our last collection of Pitt County breweries is in Winterville. Both are relatively new to the NC Beer scene, but both are worthy of a visit.

Local Oak Brewing Company  

Address: 2564 Railroad St, Winterville, NC

a glass of hazy beer at Local Oak in Winterville Brewing Company

Local Oak is a new brewery in Winterville. Perhaps considered a nano brewery, this place packs huge flavors and vibes into its space.

Each time you visit, you’ll see a completely new draft list, so there is always a reason to come back! The taproom is small but efficient, but the outdoor beer garden is the draw.

Outside, you’ll see a giant 150-year-old oak tree that inspired the name while also keeping you (and your beer) cool under its shade. If you’ve got them, bring your dogs to enjoy the vibe, too.

What we drank: Obscene Tangerine (hazy IPA).

Nauti Dog Brewing Company  

Address: 210 Main St, Winterville, NC | Website

a glass of beer sitting on a bar near the group of taps

Brand new to Winterville, Nauti Dog is housed in a historic brick building with taps that will excite.

Themed after the owner’s dog, Rascal, running down the beach with a bikini top in his mouth, the beers are exceptional and pack a nice punch. If you aren’t a beer drinker, then you can find wine and cider available, too.

What we drank: Grapeshot IPA

Ready to Sip at These Breweries in Greenville and Elsewhere in Pitt County?

With Greenville being a college town, we knew there were going to be some great beers!

Each of these breweries in Greenville offers its own vibe and take on beer. That’s why we think there is definitely a reason to visit each brewery in Greenville, NC.

Drink responsibly as you explore these incredible places to grab a pint, flight, or something to take home.

If you’re familiar with the area, have you ever visited any of these breweries in Greenville, Farmville, and Winterville? We’d love to know which is your favorite if so. In case you haven’t made it out here yet, tell us which one you’ll be visiting first!

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