15 Hoptastic Breweries in Wilmington, NC

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

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Are you looking for the best Wilmington breweries? One thing we’ve discovered while exploring North Carolina‘s Port City is there are some amazing breweries in Wilmington. We’ve also learned that this city has been beer-friendly for quite a while!

That’s because many of Wilmington’s breweries have produced quality NC beer since the early days!

Wilmington’s wide range of experimental and old-world breweries is perfect for any hop-head looking to spend a weekend exploring the bottom of a pint glass.

While drinking responsibly, we think any of these craft beer spots are perfect for your next visit to Port City.

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Breweries in Wilmington Map

Breweries and Restaurants in Wilmington Carolina Beach Kure Beach Wrightsville Beach NC

You can visually plan your Wilmington beer adventures with this map we’ve created. Otherwise, keep reading about these alphabetically-organized breweries in Wilmington.

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Broomtail Craft Brewery

6404 Amsterdam Way, Wilmington

Science meets art at Broomtail Craft Brewery in Wilmington. Beer at Broomtail is brewed through a scientific lens to provide optimal flavor and presentation.

In addition to the brewery, Broomtail also has The Sour Barn, an extension that specifically focuses on barrel aging and blends.

Catawba Brewing Company

4712 New Centre Drive

Things to Do in Hickory Morganton Catawba Brewing

Catawba Brewing Company is a dog-friendly Wilmington brewery with delicious beers on tap and hard seltzer. It’s located near UNW and close to downtown. One of our favorite beers from Catawba Brewing is the White Zombie, a white ale that started as a Halloween seasonal in such high demand that it became a staple. 

The Wilmington taproom of Catawba Brewing also has a kitchen that offers gluten-free and vegan options. 

Edward Teach Brewing

604 N 4th St, Wilmington 

Edward Teach Wilmington Breweries

Sip beer in this 100-year-old firehouse named after the infamous Blackbeard!

Edward Teach Wilmington Breweries flight

The inside of Edward Teach Brewery resembles the front of a pirate ship, but the beer will keep your mind off its plank! Their Scallawag Session IPA and Black Spot Black Lager are two reasons this is one of our favorite breweries in Wilmington.

Of course, we’d love to hear what you like drinking at this awesome establishment.

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Flying Machine Brewing Company

3130 Randall Parkway, Wilmington

Flying Machine Wilmington Breweries

Flying Machine Brewing Company is the perfect place for those who like biking and beer! Conveniently located off the Gary Shell Cross City Trail, this 17,000-square-foot brewing facility hosts 22 taps, a two-story outdoor patio, and a gaming area.

Their beer blends old-world traditions with new techniques, yielding tasty results every time!

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Flytrap Brewing 

319 Walnut St, Wilmington

Breweries in Wilmington NC Flytrap Brewing Image

Did you know that Wilmington is home to Venus flytraps? Its only native habitat is a 60-mile radius around Wilmington, so it makes sense that a Wilmington brewery honors this carnivorous plant!

Flytrap Brewing is located in the historic Brooklyn Arts District and boasts an awesome dog-friendly beer garden alongside sippable beers. We absolutely love checking out their seasonal and special drinks!

Front Street Brewery

9 N Front St, Wilmington

Front Street Brewery Wilmington Breweries

Part restaurant and part brewery, Front Street Brewery features more than 25 sandwiches and 35 entrees on top of a full tap list of house-brewed beer.

Open since 1995, Front Street has five flagship beers worth sampling. If you want a behind-the-scenes look, check out a free brewery tour!

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Hi-Wire Brewing

1020 Princess Street, Wilmington

One of the biggest breweries in Asheville also has a location in Wilmington. Inside Hi-Wire‘s massive taproom, you can choose from twenty-one taps of Hi-Wire beers.

This includes year-round favorites, seasonals, specialties, sours, and one-offs. They also have three wine taps if you feel that instead.

Outside, there are two additional beer gardens. A variety of family-friendly games await, including soccer pool, table tennis, shuffleboard, foosball, and more.

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Ironclad Brewery 

115 N 2nd St, Wilmington

Ironclad Brewery is another Wilmington favorite that keeps its taps flowing inside a historic downtown building! Both a laidback brewery and event space, Ironclad takes a nod to both Wilmington’s and the owner’s history.

The brewery’s founder served in the US Navy, naming the brewery after the Ironclad ships built during the Civil War. Today, this history is honored by fermenting with only natural ingredients for their 15 styles of beer and even kombucha.

Mad Mole Brewing 

6309 Boathouse Rd, Wilmington

Mad Mole Breweries in Wilmington

Family- and pet-friendly, Mad Mole Brewing is the perfect brewery for those staying and relaxing near Wrightsville Beach. The entire brewing process at Mad Mole is solar-powered, making this one of the most unique breweries in Wilmington.

In fact, they were the first solar craft microbrewery in America. The constant beach sun helped and has made them quite a success.

MMB’s 12 rotating taps are often mole-themed poured from Mueller serving tanks that keep the beer carbonated, cold, and delicious.

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New Anthem Beer Project

110 Greenfield Street, Wilmington

Their original brewery was in the historic McLellan Building, but New Anthem Beer Project now has a beautiful taproom south of downtown where they serve up frothy pints.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional methods, this is one of those breweries in Wilmington that’s best known for hoppy beers and barrel-aged choices.

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Waterline Brewing Company

721 Surry St, Wilmington

Located just under the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, Waterline Brewing Company doesn’t require facing off against a troll to get a pint!

Located in the former Jacobi Hardware warehouse, it’s perfect for hanging out with friends in their spacious facility and watching sunsets by the river.

Try one of their six flagship brews or a seasonal offering and relax to the weekly live music that comes through! We think you’ll enjoy both.

Waterman’s Brewing

1610 Pavilion Pl, Wilmington

Waterman’s Brewing is the perfect brewery for you to stop at on your way to Wrightsville Beach. With a rotating selection of craft beers and affordable food specials, wine, and spirits, this is one of Wilmington’s most kid- and dog-friendly breweries!

Ample seating, a private party room, and an inviting outdoor section make Waterman’s the perfect place to brew by the beach.

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Wilmington Brewing Company

824 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington

Wilmington Brewing Breweries in Wilmington

For all things beer, Wilmington Brewing Company is the place to go! From the tank to your glass, WBC also hosts a home-brew supply store!

Built by Wilmington natives and located in the middle of Wilmington, owners John and Michelle Savard fell in love with beer while in college at UNC Asheville. Many of us fell in love with beer during those years, but these two took that passion to the next level.

While traveling through Europe, John decided to be a professional brewer, and their story was born. Bringing that passion back home to Wilmington, their beer is a testament to a lifetime of love for all things hops, water, and yeast.

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Wrightsville Beach Brewery 

24 Greenville Ave, Wilmington

Wrightsville Beach Brewing Wilmington Breweries

A story of beer and oysters comes together to make this Wilmington brewery that also serves amazing oysters! Order the fried oyster bites at Wrightsville Beach Brewery, and thank us later!

They also have a very inviting outdoor beer garden that is shared!

Beyond beer and a great menu, WBB also gives back to the community. Contributing proceeds from their “Beer of the Month” to different non-profits, their love for the community is as endless as the draft line.

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Bonus Brewery in the Wilmington-area

Good things are happening in Wilmington’s surroundings, including this brewery in Carolina Beach.

Good Hops Brewing 

811 Harper Ave, Carolina Beach

Good Hops Wilmington

Good Hops Brewing has a vibe all its own. With a disc golf course, hopping events, and damn good beer, this is a brewery where you will stay for a while.

Sip on the Boardwalk Brown Ale or enjoy a seasonal Peach Jalapeno brew and relax!

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Ready for a Pint or Flight at these Breweries in Wilmington?

Before we move on to more Wilmington travel guides, did you know that the beer app Untappd is headquartered in Wilmington? That fun fact is another reason this is one of the beeriest beach towns you’ll find!

We hope you enjoy these breweries in Wilmington as much as we did! If you’ve visited any of them (or seen their work in bottle shops), we’d love to know which you love, too!

You can inform us in the comments section, by email, or in our North Carolina Travel Facebook Group.

Beyond Breweries in Wilmington (Travel Guides)

Beyond our favorite breweries in Wilmington, here are more fun things to do in the area.

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