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Lafayette Village: Where to Eat in Raleigh’s Foodie Paradise

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on March 20, 2024.

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Lafayette Village in North Raleigh is perfect for anyone seeking a culinary adventure. Raleigh’s greatest restaurants are scattered throughout the city, but foodies will find the European-styled Lafayette Village for that true #instayum.

It’s filled with delicious restaurants and shops stocked with goods that cater to the highest epicurean standards. We’ve spent quite a bit of time here during our many weekends exploring Raleigh.

So let us take you through this foodie paradise, sharing where you can eat and shop in this awesome slice of North Carolina‘s capital city.

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Lafayette Village in Raleigh

Lafayette Village Things to Do in Raleigh NC Image

Parking Note

If you get to Lafayette Village during a busy day or evening, keep in mind that there is underground parking available. While you could be tempted to circle the parking lot until you find a spot, it’s much more convenient to park underground!

Where Foodies Eat

Whether it’s a juice on the go, a quaint coffee shop, delicious Southern fare, or the most authentic noodle shop outside of Asia, or the best selection of South American wines, Lafayette Village has it all.

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Driftwood Cantina

Driftwood Cantina Raleigh

A floor-to-ceiling colorful mural greets you when you walk in the door at Driftwood Cantina. As one of the largest restaurants in Lafayette Village, Driftwood Cantina serves elevated and authentic Mexican cuisine with fresh local ingredients.

From the handmade tortillas to the salsa that is bursting with flavor, you aren’t going to find many other restaurants in Raleigh quite like Driftwood Cantina. Make sure to save room in your belly for their made-to-order churros that come with warm chocolate dipping sauce!

We mentioned Driftwood in our guide to Winter in Raleigh, too!

Zanyu Noodles

Lafayette Village Raleigh NC Zanyu Noodles Pork Belly Bun Image
Pork belly bun with marinated cucumbers.

Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan are three countries with incredible flavors and Chef Michael of Zanyu Noodles creates food almost identical to what you’ll find in these world-renowned culinary destinations.

While Zanyu is described as a fast-food casual place, there is no doubt that this place packs spice, flavor, and love into each dish. Come by any day and smell the slow-roasting pork belly that stays moist on the inside while nice and crispy outside.

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Bonus: Zanyu’s Khao Soi

Lafayette Village Raleigh NC Zanyu Noodles Khao Soi Image

Oh, and don’t leave Lafayette Village without getting an order of Khao Soi, otherwise known as Burmese Noodles.

We fell in love with this dish while backpacking through Southeast Asia and have been scouring the US for someone who can do it right. Sipping on this delicious broth brought us back to the hot sweltering side streets and plastic chairs of Chiang Mai.

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Jubala Village Coffee

Lafayette Village Raleigh North Carolina Food Jubala Village Coffee Image

A beautiful experience surrounded by quality products is exactly what you’ll get at Jubala Village Coffee. Serving up locally roasted Counter Culture Coffee, Jubala is dedicated to using the best ingredients that are carefully brewed so that their natural flavors are highlighted.

Pro tip: If you want to get a seat at this Lafayette Village hotspot, get here early.

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Juice Keys

Lafayette Village Raleigh NC Food Juice Keys Image

Locally owned and veteran operated, Juice Keys is the healthy go-to fuel for your shopping! With no gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, or refined sugars, you’re going to feel refreshed and powered by natural goodness after stopping by.

Whether you’re looking for a full meal, a smoothie, or an energy bite, Juice Keys is the perfect pick-me-up.

Vinos Finos Wine & Tapas Bar

Lafayette Village Raleigh Vinos Finos Wine Cafe

With over 350 wines by the glass, bottle or case, Vinos Finos is the perfect place to stop and enjoy a glass of wine. It’s also a great place to pick out a bottle for that special meal you’re making at home.

Since it’s South American-inspired, the café also serves delicious charcuterie, Argentine empanadas, and desserts.

Where Foodies Shop

Lafayette Village Raleigh NC Image

When I see a dish out at a restaurant, I sometimes try and make it at home. Well, these shops in Lafayette Village support that habit.

With everything from specialty olive oil to hand-cut and selected local meats, you’ll find the ingredients you need for that perfect recipe.

Southern Craft Butchers

I have very vivid memories of my mother taking me to the butcher when I was younger. The art of hand-slicing and selecting your own meats has recently taken a backseat to convenience.

But the tradition lives on and with local love and flavor at Southern Craft Butchers. Lafayette Village’s (and Raleigh’s) only whole animal butchery also includes delicious made-to-order sandwiches!

Savory Spice Shop

Lafayette Village Raleigh NC Food Savory Spice Shop Image

If there was an award for “Best Smells at Lafayette Village,” Savory Spice Shop would contend for it. With over 400 spices and herbs and 140 blends ground fresh, Savory Spice Shop has every foodie chef in mind.

Whether you’re popping by with a recipe in mind or you’re browsing, Bob and Cindy Jones are happy to help. Grab a recipe card floating around the shop to try out something new and exciting.

The Olive Wagon

Lafayette Village Raleigh NC The Olive Wagon

The Olive Wagon features 50 varieties of cold-pressed, flavored, specialty oils from Italy, Spain, Greece, and Morocco. Since they allow tasting before buying, you are literally able to sample your way across some of the world’s best culinary countries.

That ensures shoppers are getting the best possible oil for their taste buds.

Ready to Visit this Foodie Paradise?

If the unique designs and layout of Lafayette Village don’t draw you in at first, these worldly flavors for your meal out and at home should have you hooked.

We’re excited to continue visiting this North Raleigh foodie paradise and hope you enjoy it, too.

If you’ve been before, did we miss your favorite spot? Tell us your favorite way to shop, dine, and explore through Lafayette Village.  

Disclosure Note

Special thanks to Zanyu and Driftwood Cantina for providing us with complimentary meals when visiting. All opinions within this article are our own.

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