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15 Exciting Things to Do in Wilson (Whirligigs, Food, and More!)

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on February 25, 2024.

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Wilson is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Raleigh and full of fun throughout the year. While the Whirligig Park brings a lot of visitors to this small town, there are many more fun things to do in Wilson beyond that NC Bucket List-worthy place.

We’ve visited a few times and want to share with you exactly where to eat and drink, learn some history and culture, and more when hanging out in this awesome small town

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Wilson NC Quick Facts

Wilson Whirligig Park 9

Not much is known yet about Wilson County’s earliest inhabitants, though the Tuscarora Indians are credited as one of them.

With soils ideal for cotton and tobacco, Europeans eventually settled here and many African slaves were brought to work the land for them as early as 1740.

The railroad’s coming in the 19th century transformed Wilson even further and more people continued to move here. As demand for tobacco diminished in the 20th century, Wilson has worked to diversify its industrial base through today.

Wilson Whirligig Park 8

Like many small towns in Eastern North Carolina, Wilson’s recent story is characterized by “resurgence.” It’s home to a hardworking community that’s worked hard to transform downtown and the rest of Wilson County.

The North Carolina History Project has a nice section on Wilson’s history that goes beyond what we’ve shared. Check it out here

Wilson Whirligig Park 1

Stay Somewhere Cozy

There are quite a few hotels in Wilson, especially off I-95 (Exit 121). We stayed at Comfort Suites, which is next to Country Inn & Suites and Fairfield Inn & Suites. Just across Raleigh Road Parkway, we noticed a Hampton Inn, too. 

Closer to downtown, there’s another Hampton Inn off Alt-264. And the closest place we noticed when driving around was a Holiday Inn Express & Suites off Tarboro St. 

Now that we’ve covered where to stay, let’s get to the most popular thing to do in Wilson.

Wilson Whirligig Park 0

This post is also part of our series on awesome places to visit in Eastern North Carolina, especially if you’re driving along I-95. We’ve also included Wilson among our favorite day trips from Raleigh and Durham in the Research Triangle and also, from Greensboro!

Annual Event (The Whirligig Festival)

Wilson NC Whirligig Festival Image

Celebrating Historic Downtown Wilson and Vollis Simpson’s creations each November is the family-friendly NC Whirligig Festival. From live music, delicious food vendors, and even a live painting from an Artist in Residence, this event is fun all day long!

Pack your running shoes for the Whirlirun and catch some air watching the King BMX Show. Test your strength and stamina at the Whirligig Warrior Course. You can also flex your creative side and enter the Chalk Art contest!

And the best part? It’s free! From the bounce houses to the American Ninja Warrior Course, all of the family- and kid-friendly events are free to attend and enjoy! 

The Whirligig Festival was also included in our guides covering things to do in November!

Wilson Whirligig Park 7

Year-Round Things to Do in Wilson NC

The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

As we mentioned, the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park is a bucket-list-worthy place to visit in North Carolina, and for good reason. The two-acre park features 30 kinetic sculptures created by local farm machinery repairman Vollis Simpson.

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Wilson Whirligig Park 4


He started making these sculptures when he was close to retirement and continued building them until he passed away in 2013. The whirligigs were named North Carolina’s official folk art the same year and are a wonderful thing to see in downtown Wilson!

Simpson used milkshake mixers, ceiling fans, bicycles and more to depict farm animals and people. To make the whirligigs even more beautiful at night, Simpson cut the reflective portions of discarded road signs into one-inch squares and applied them to the structures. 

Today’s Whirligig Park

Things to Do in North Carolina Vollis P Simpson Whirligig Park Image

With the looming threat of losing these whirligigs, Wilson’s community saved and moved the whirligigs to their current resting place.

A group of local citizens got involved and moved, refurbished, and installed 30 of the whirligigs, with some as high as 50 feet! The City helped complete the park and its grounds, but that group of locals still maintains it under the nonprofit moniker “Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park and Museum.”

Wilson Whirligig Park 5

Along with those 30 whirligigs, there’s a large grass amphitheater and a pavilion for community events. And with special lighting to emphasize the reflectors on the materials, the Whirligig Park is also a sight to see at night! 

North Carolina Baseball Museum

Things to Do in North Carolina NC Baseball Museum Wilson NC Image

With over 3,300 square feet of memorabilia, the North Carolina Baseball Museum is a dream! The museum showcases native North Carolina players like Luke Appling, Rick Ferrell, Hoyt Wilheim, and the other four Hall of Famers.

It also features 400-plus major league players born in North Carolina. Volunteers run this museum, which is located inside of the historic Fleming Stadium. 

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Oliver Nestus Freeman Round House

Wilson NC Oliver Nestus Freeman Round House Image

Oliver Nestus Freeman was an architectural trailblazer who helped Wilson solve a housing crisis after World War II. The Round House Museum serves as a place to preserve and support African-American history, art, and culture.

As Freeman was a huge contributor to Wilson, the museum not only honors his work but also African American history in Wilson and Eastern North Carolina

We think the Round House Museum is one of the most important places to learn about Black history in North Carolina, too!

Imagination Station Science Museum

Downtown’s Imagination Station is a science, technology, and history museum geared towards children of all ages. Check out the Earth and Body exhibits on the first floor and don’t miss the amphibians on the second!

With a Curiosity Corner for toddlers all the way up to an exhibit on past and present tools, there is something for everyone to explore! 

Country Doctor Museum

The Country Doctor Museum is the oldest in the United States that depicts rural health care. It was created in 1967 by a group of women wanting to preserve the area’s history.

The museum holds over 5,000 medical artifacts, historic texts, and includes information on nursing, pharmaceutical, and home remedies. 

Note: The museum offers guided tours with a docent at the top of each hour and takes 45-60 minutes. 

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Enjoy These Outdoor Things to Do in Wilson 

Wilson Rose Garden

Things to Do in Wilson NC Wilson Rose Garden Image

Slowly browse the 1,200 rose plants that are inside the Wilson Rose Garden, one of Eastern North Carolina’s most beautiful locations. Here, you’ll find 100 varieties, including historic old garden roses and modern hybrids.

Seasonal Note: The roses typically bloom from May to October, so stop by and take it all in if you’re in the area during these months!

Wilson Botanical Gardens

The Wilson Botanical Gardens’ beautiful fountain, lush plants, and herb garden are open to the public. It features various native plants as well as a beautiful Children’s Secret Garden.

It’s a peaceful, beautiful slice of nature and great any time of year for all ages! 

Note: Pets are not allowed in the gardens.

Lake Wilson

Wilson NC Lake Wilson Image

Winding around the beautiful lake and past beautiful homes, Lake Wilson is the perfect spot for a walk and some fishing. The two-mile scenic trail is a popular spot to watch the boats fishing out on the water!

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Where to Drink Craft Beer in Wilson

Casita Brewing

Casita Brewing Company is across the street from Whirligig Park, a wonderful addition to one of the best things to do in Wilson. They’re in a great spot and match that location with a large selection of taps. Casita also has cans if you’d like to grab something to go.

Casita Brewing Wilson

Casita Brewing is also the only Filipina-owned North Carolina brewery in North Carolina! They have lots of weekly events, food trucks, and a welcoming atmosphere!


Food in Wilson NC Brewmasters Image

If you’re looking for great food and a massive selection beer, check out Brewmasters! Combining a bottle shop/draft house with quick-order pub food, Brewmasters is the perfect place to catch up with friends or watch the big game! 

Where to Eat in Wilson


Restaurants in Wilson NC Parkers Barbecue Image

Parker’s Barbecue has been serving pork since 1946 and smokes about 150 whole hogs a week. The food has stayed consistent since opening day, meaning that it’s chopped, sauced, and delicious. And to keep the nostalgia factor up, the wait staff still wears 1950s style paper hats. 

Wilson NC Barbecue Restaurants Parkers Barbecue Image

While pork is king in Eastern North Carolina, we can’t disagree that Parker’s fried chicken is just as incredible. It’s worth getting a combination plate or sharing, only if your dining partner is generous enough to give you a bite or two! Parker’s also has locations in Greenville, which are among the best places to eat there!

The Beefmastor Inn

The Beefmastor Inn is an incredibly popular must-eat restaurant in Wilson and you tailgate while waiting to get in. There’s no menu, no reservations, and only 10 tables available.

That’s why you’ve got to make the wait as fun as the experience inside. People queue up at least 30 minutes before the doors open, so get over there before they open, grab your spot, and enjoy! 

As soon as you sit down at the table you’re greeted with a giant slab of raw rib eye to make your selection and temperature. People come far and wide to eat at this iconic steakhouse and we can see why! 

Tip: Don’t you dare ask for substitutions.

We’re always on the hunt for new and fun places to eat. If you know of somewhere else to grab food in Wilson, let us know about it!

Rukus and Redemption

Ruckus and Redemption Wilson NC

Delicious and signature burgers and excellent craft cocktails. Ruckus and Redemption is a locally owned restaurant and should be on the top of your list of things to do in Wilson. This is also an excellent dining choice for gluten-free visitors as they do offer a stellar GF bun for all of their burgers. Also, add the bacon jam. You’ll be thanking us later! 

Flo’s Kitchen

Flo’s Kitchen is an institution in Southern food. Serving the largest cathead biscuits that are made daily in the same tiny kitchen for years- there is always a line wrapped around the building. But don’t worry! Your food comes out hot, fresh, and fast!

Flos Kitchen Wilson

Flo’s is cash-only but there is an ATM on site if you happen to forget cash. We recommend the tenderloin on a hoop cheese biscuit! And we hear they make sweet potato biscuits on Wednesday… We’ll be back to investigate!

Marty’s BBQ

Martys BBQ Wilson

Alongside Parker’s, Marty’s BBQ is another North Carolina barbecue legend. For more than 30 years, hot, smoky barbecue has been going out in trays to the hungry people of Wilson. Come hungry, and don’t skip the banana pudding!

Ready for these Fun Things to Do in Wilson?

Wilson Whirligig Park 3

Wilson might be a small town surrounded by Raleigh and Greenville, but there’s really something to this place that keeps us wanting to come back for more.

And it’s not just one thing above them all. Sure, the kind folks we chatted with along the way, that epic fried chicken and barbecue at Parker’s, and the amazing whirligigs come to mind, but I can’t just sum it all up in one sentence or even a paragraph. 

I think you need to come and see it for yourself. Explore some of these fun things to do in Wilson and you’ll get a sense of why we’ll be back. 

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  1. We loved the Whirligig Fest, but your post leaves me wishing we’d had more time to explore sweet Wilson. I noticed T-shirts for sale that said “Wiltson,” which I believe is how one is SUPPOSED to pronounce it. Too funny. Thanks for all the info on this cute little town!

    • Seems like we’ve learned something new today. Wow! Thank you, Katie! I love the quirks of pronunciation in this state. Always amazes me!

  2. It was great reading about my fiancés home town, I love seeing the whirligigs every time i visit, i want to see the round house but our timing is always off, I’ll get there one day for sure!

  3. Next time you go to Wilson you have to go to Amy Jo’s Country Restaurant for a cheese biscuit at breakfast. Other people will say you have to go to Flo’s. Either way both are great. Loved the spots you highlighted!!!

  4. Next time you’re in Wilson, Come visit us at Raleigh Road Garden Center for seasonal decor, plants, shrubs, gift shop and come feed the goats!

  5. I split my barbecue loyalty when Parker’s opened in Greenville while I was in grad school. Having raised on John Moore’s barbecue in New Bern, I found Parkers, the closest substitute to taking a road trip whenever I had a craving. Had to get used to the mustard in the slaw, but that was ok. Now that the Moore’s I knew is no more, all my loyalty is with Parker’s Wilson, Greenville. Always the same wonderful taste and preparation. Thank you!!!

  6. When you are in Wilson don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth at Treat Yo Self Bakery. Everything is great from cookies to cupcakes all served with a big smile

  7. There is also a small but great Photography Museum that exhibits B&W photography, early photography equipment like old cameras, etc. it is a small museum but I loved it. Very tasteful, very entraining if photography is your hobby, also the building is an old brick and wood warehouse that has been restored but kept most of the original structure. Located in the same building where the kinetic/whirligig park has the store.


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