The Historic Brookstown Inn Hotel in Winston-Salem

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

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The Historic Brookstown Inn in Winston-Salem is filled with aesthetics and features that keep us wanting to come back. For starters, its story goes all the way back to 1837, with interesting twists and turns along the way.

This historic hotel is connected to the city’s Visitor Center, just steps away from Old Salem, placing you in one of the city’s best museums and the state’s historic towns.

Add in beautiful decor, exquisite service, and a friendly feline resident, and this is why the Brookstown Inn is one of our favorite hotels in all of North Carolina.

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Follow along for more of what you’ll find at this wonderful place to stay and why we’ll be back.

We also mentioned The Brookstown Inn our guides covering things to do in Winston-Salem and the city’s historic hotels.

The Brookstown Inn

For rates and direct booking info, check the Inn’s official website here.


Originally, two separate buildings constructed 40 years apart from each other made up today’s Brookstown Inn.

Salem Manufacturing Company

The first is a three-story brick building with a monitor roof that was built by Salem Manufacturing Company (SMC) in 1837. This business opened as one of the first mills in the South to utilize electric lighting.

The Moravian community opened SMC as a response to the migration. They knew a large-scale cotton operation would bring more profits and business to the area.

SMC went through various periods of hardships until it was acquired by F & H Fries Cotton, who renamed the business Wachovia Flour Mills.

F & H Fries Cotton

F & H constructed the second of the two buildings in 1880 as the Arista Cotton Mill Complex. It is 14 bays long, with bracketed eaves and timber supports.

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The mill employed one hundred and fifty workers and over $125,000 in equipment during its existence. The first floor was used for weaving, second for carding, and third floor for spinning.

Arista and Various Uses

In 1903, the two businesses merged to form the Arista Cotton Mill Complex. The flour mill eventually suspended operations and became part of the cotton mill.

The last-known use of the Arista Cotton Mill Complex was to serve as a warehouse for the Lentz Transfer and Storage Company of Winston-Salem.

You can read more about the buildings’ history in the application for its registration as a historic site here.

Today’s Brookstown Inn

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Today’s Brookstown Inn first opened in 1984, seven years after being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When you visit, here are a few things we hope you see and experience.

Built-in History

Visitors can see remnants of the original millworks and rooms have exposed wood ceilings and grand brick windows. Aesthetically, it captures the buildings’ history and charm with an added touch of elegance and shift in focus on hospitality.


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19th-century pine floors and antique furniture adorn each of their 70 guest rooms. The Brookstown’s poster-style beds are covered with hand-stitched quilts.

Bi-level suites feature an ornamental fireplace and ceilings as tall as 20-feet.

Events and Packages

The Brookstown Inn’s popular event spaces can accommodate your party easily, whether you’re hoping to pull off a business meeting or wedding.

And if you’re looking for a great deal on exploring Winston-Salem, check out some of their travel packages for the season here!

Added Touch

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There’s absolutely nothing better than freshly baked cookies before you go to bed. Or how about wine and cheese after you check in? At the Brookstown Inn, these are just a couple of the ways you can really sit back and relax in style.

Breakfast to Perfectly Start Your Day

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And served daily in the beautiful lobby is a hot and fresh Southern breakfast.

We know you might want to get out and explore Winston-Salem’s awesome restaurant scene—for example, walk down the street for a pastry from Camino Bakery—but don’t sleep on the deliciousness you’ll find right outside your room.

Their full buffet is the perfect way to start your day, so join your fellow guests for a delicious, filling meal.


Winston-Salem NC Cute Cat Image

If you love cats, then you have one more reason to be excited to choose the Brookstown Inn! Their resident kitty, Sally, is probably one of the most interesting furry friends you’ll meet.

During a harrowing journey, she arrived in Winston-Salem via a truck bound from Seattle and has decided to settle down here.

In 2013, she showed up at the front door and moved right in! She’s a very affectionate kitty and loves lounging in the courtyard on beautiful sunny days.

Our Thoughts and Yours, Too!

After my experience at this beautiful Winston-Salem hotel, I came away with a deeper appreciation for repurposed buildings that showcase their storied pasts. Each exposed brick tells part of its story and perfectly intertwines with kind and knowledgeable staff, and their excellent service.

No matter when you decide to visit the city, whether for weekend getaways or random weekday visits, especially for business, stay at the Brookstown Inn. I hope you’ll find that it’s the perfect base for exploring Winston-Salem, just like I did.

Have you ever stay at the Brookstown Inn in Winston-Salem? If so, we’d love to know your thoughts on it in the comments section? And if not, what’s the first thing that we shared that has you wanting to book?

Also, I’d love to know your thoughts on repurposed historic buildings like this one? Is this a good or bad thing for cities like Winston-Salem?

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