Waterfalls near Brevard NC

25+ Beautiful Waterfalls near Brevard (Within 1 Hour)

Brevard in Transylvania County is a wonderful small town known as North Carolina‘s Land of Waterfalls, and just a short drive from Asheville. With beautiful mountains and dozens of trickling streams, there’s no wonder there are so many impressive waterfalls near Brevard. In this article, we’ll list more than 25 of our favorite waterfalls within … Read More

Forest Heritage Scenic Byway NC

Driving the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway (+ 7 Wonderful Things to Do!)

The 65-mile-long Forest Heritage Scenic Byway is one of the most beautiful scenic roads you’ll find in Western North Carolina. Beyond the tree-lined picturesque roads that make up this byway, there are some wonderful things to do that will prompt you to get out of your car and explore. Attractions along this road include waterfalls, … Read More