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Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock (7 Things We Love About It!)

Published by Carl Hedinger. Last Updated on February 9, 2024.

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Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock will impress you with its history and a long list of notable former guests. However, there’s even more to this cozy mountain getaway.

You’ll find plenty of space inside this High Country icon to take it easy, hang with friends, or even pull off a major event. And you’ll have done it in one of North Carolina’s most interesting hotels.

We’ve been lucky enough to spend nights at Green Park Inn during trips to our favorite mountain town and want to share our experience. I also want to tell you that we’ll be back to get away from it all in the mountains at this wonderful hotel.

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Things We Love About the Green Park Inn

Without further ado, here are all the things we love about the Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock, starting with its wonderful location!

Where is the Green Park Inn?

Address: 9239 Valley Blvd, Blowing Rock, NC
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Green Park Inn Blowing Rock NC Hotels Outside Image

Green Park Inn straddles the Eastern Continental Divide, and the hotel sits across the street from The Blowing Rock’s entrance.

Just around the corner and down the mountain, the many delicious Blowing Rock restaurants await.

You’re also a short drive from Main Street and Sunset Drive in downtown Blowing Rock. Continue on Highway 321 toward Boone and you’ll find the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance (some sections are closed during winter).

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The History

Green Park Inn Blowing Rock NC Hotels The History Room Image
Green Park Inn’s “History” Room.

Being a history lover, I loved learning about the story behind Green Park Inn. It first opened in 1891 and served as the surrounding area’s only US Post Office.

Over the years, some distinguished guests have graced this Blowing Rock hotel. Annie Oakley, JD Rockefeller, and President Calvin Coolidge are just a few of the big names you might recognize.

It’s even said that Margaret Mitchell penned some of Gone with the Wind while staying there. 

To recognize its place in history, Green Park Inn was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. 

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Locally Rebuilt

Green Park Inn Blowing Rock NC Hotels Divide Tavern Image
Inside Divide Tavern.

One of the most difficult things about running such an important landmark is maintaining it. And owners Eugene and Steven Irace have committed to more than that.

They began refurbishing efforts in 2010, shortly after purchasing the hotel. Green Park Inn’s kitchen was completely gutted and modernized, while rooms were renovated and refurbished.

The owners took “Made in America” to the extreme, meaning most furnishings and other materials came from as close as Thomasville, Lenoir, and High Point, North Carolina.

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The Rooms

Green Park Inn Blowing Rock NC Hotels Deluxe Room Image
Part of Our Deluxe Room.

Whether you’re choosing a room or suite among the 88 available at Green Park Inn, get ready for a relaxing stay. We stayed in a Deluxe Room on the first floor in the “Historic Section.”

Still, we felt miles away from anyone else after closing our door. We were greeted by Chocolate Turndown Service, which was a welcome end to our day traveling to Blowing Rock.

Our little one slept right away and we had plenty of room to stretch out on our bed and reminisce about our day and get ready for the next one.

More info about rooms at Green Park Inn can be found here.

The Food

Green Park Inn Blowing Rock NC Hotels The Chestnut Grille Image
High Country Hash = Yum!

There are some great restaurants in Blowing Rock, and Green Park Inn’s Divide Tavern ranks high among them all.

No matter when you stop by, the restaurant’s delicious food perfectly mixes with its relaxing atmosphere. Want to kick back with some drinks while you eat?

The Tavern offers small plates, large plates, and sandwiches, to go along with wine and hand-crafted cocktails.

Weddings and Meetings Happen Here

If I were running a company event (Hey, who knows!) or scoping out a place for a friend’s wedding, I’d think hard to choose somewhere other than Green Park Inn.

They have more than a few rooms that can hold anywhere from 30 to 200.

So whether you’re seeking a spot for your special day, to bring your team together, or to make some deals, Green Park Inn would be a nice spot to pull it off.

A True Mountain Getaway

Green Park Inn Blowing Rock NC Hotels Marilyn Monroe Image
If Marilyn was here, you should be, too!

I think what makes Green Park Inn so appealing is that you can do whatever you want there.

You can chill out and read National Geographic in their sitting area, chat with friends on the front porch, or relax in a plush robe that comes with your room. There’s plenty of time for all of it.

Around every corner, you feel like there’s nothing else behind you because Green Park Inn is a true mountain getaway.

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Ready for Green Park Inn Stay?

I loved our room and will definitely come back to try out another. Maybe next time, we’ll go with a Superior Room or Balcony Suite with views that overlook the nearby Blowing Rock Country Club golf course.

Of course, I’d be happy with whatever is available, as long as I get to return to what is one of my favorite hotels in North Carolina.

If you were visiting, where would you stay at Green Park Inn? We’d love to know in the comments section.

More Things to Do in Blowing Rock

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14 thoughts on “Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock (7 Things We Love About It!)”

    • We were there the weekend of the 9th as well. Suite was the way to go, well worth the money. make sure to bring home a robe!! Buy one on the way out. The suite we had seemed like you had the whole floor to yourself and the balcony was a bonus we enjoyed even if the fog was so thick you couldn’t see❤️

  1. I would love to return, as well. I have enjoyed sitting on the porch while photographing all around the grounds. Their flower beds are beautiful. Years ago, when the kitchen Reno was happening, 4 of us took a trip up the mountain and asked to stay… reluctant to accommodate us- we ladies didn’t care… we had two rooms on the bottom floor and after lights were out- 4 middle aged ladies went exploring into the bones of this magnificent structure! It was sooo much fun!

  2. We can not wait for our first stay here on our honeymoon this month!! I’ve visited Blowing Rock many times and brought my boys, never stayed at the Green Park Inn.

  3. My wife and I are headed there in the first weekend in October for our 10 year anniversary. Lauren from the front desk has already reached out to me and gone above and beyond to be welcoming and accommodating. Very impressed so far and we have even set foot in the hotel yet!

  4. We will be arriving in 2 weeks. The staff is awesome with answering all your questions. We cant wait our first time with my 4 legged too

  5. My husband and I are so excited about our upcoming trip to the Green Park Inn on February 26th-28th. It will be a quick weekend away for some long over due R & R. I love reading the great comments and look forward to following up. Thanks for taking the time to let first timers know what can be expected and enjoyed.


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