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14 Delicious Restaurants in Elkin (+1 Great Cocktail Bar)

Published by Carl Hedinger. Last Updated on February 25, 2024.

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After enjoying the Yadkin Valley wineries or hiking the trails, we love to gobble up delicious bites from these Elkin restaurants. For a smaller town, the dining options here are impressive!

Elkin’s food scene ranks pretty well against anywhere else in North Carolina. Try one of these Elkin restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we think you’ll agree.

After allowing our bellies to rest after thorough research, we’ve created this guide with our favorite restaurants in Elkin’s downtown and a few others scattered around. We’ve also included a map to help you visually plan your meals around town.

If you’re hungry (I mean, ready), follow along through our favorite places to eat in Elkin, North Carolina. Here is what we will be covering;

  • List of Restaurants in Elkin, North Carolina
  • Map of Restaurants
  • The Best Restaurants in Elkin, North Carolina

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List of the Best Restaurants in Elkin

These restaurants in Elkin are listed in alphabetical order and do not reflect our ranking.

  • Angry Troll Brewing
  • Dirty Joe’s Coffee
  • Elkin Creek Vineyard
  • Harry’s Place
  • Mazzini’s Italian Restaurant
  • Nana’s Family Restaurant
  • Prime Thai Restaurant
  • The Reeves Theater & Café
  • Six28 House
  • Skull Camp Brewing
  • Southern on Main
  • Speedy Chef
  • The Wisdom Table
  • The Yellow Door Café
  • Bonus (Fruition)

Map of Elkin Restaurants (and More!)

Map of Restaurants in Elkin NC
Map Created via Google Maps.

You can visually travel to each restaurant with our Central North Carolina Map or continue reading about one of our favorite places to eat in this fantastic small town.

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Restaurants in Elkin (and Why You Should Visit!)

You’ve seen our list and how to find each of these delicious eateries. Now it’s time to share our thoughts about these amazing places to eat in Elkin.

Angry Troll Brewing

222 E Main St

Restaurants in Elkin NC Angry Troll Brewing

You may know Angry Troll Brewing as one of Elkin’s must-visit breweries, but their food is also worth a try!

The restaurant was built in a renovated warehouse on Main Street by a troll whose bridge was destroyed. But, as they say, you start a brewery when life tears down your bridge!

Angry Troll is an excellent spot for lunch or dinner, with its menu comprising nachos, wings, burgers, and pizzas. All their food pair nicely with one of their beers.

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Dirty Joe’s Coffee

132 E Market St

Restaurants in Elkin NC Dirty Joes Coffee

Even if your hotel has a complimentary breakfast, we urge you to skip it or double up with a coffee and pastry at Dirty Joe’s. Trust us; you won’t regret it!

They have a variety of delicious coffees that will wake you up and some of the best pastries around. The interior of this coffee shop also sparks the imagination as you begin your day out in Elkin!

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Elkin Creek Vineyard

318 Elkin Creek Mill Rd

Pizza at Elkin Creek Vineyard NC Wineries

For a personalized and intimate dining experience, come out to Elkin Creek Vineyard for their wood-fired pizza. The vineyard cooks thirty made-to-order pizzas every Sunday for visitors to enjoy with a glass of wine.

Eating here currently requires a reservation, so email to guarantee your place!

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Harry’s Place

135 Front St # 118

Restaurants in Elkin NC Harrys Place

This lunch-only spot is the go-to for a menu of southern favorites and daily specials. Harry’s Place has been operating since the 1950s, keeping the community happy with its quality fried chicken.

Be sure to check the menu to see what’s offered each day.

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Mazzini’s Italian Restaurant – Best Pizza in Elkin, NC

1521 N Bridge St

Mazzinis Elkin Restaurants

You can’t go wrong with Mazzini’s Italian Restaurant for authentic and handmade Italian food. Their mouthwatering menu consists of pizza, pasta, calzones, stromboli, wings, and more–you won’t know what to get!

The taco grilled chicken salad, chicken alfredo, and steak stromboli pasta are a few tasty options. As you can see, there is something for everyone here.

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Nana’s Family Restaurant

260 Standard St

Nana’s Family Restaurant serves a classic breakfast and lunch on the edge of Elkin near the Yadkin River. Nana’s offers everything from egg platters, pancakes, and French toast to lunch sandwiches and platters.

This is a wonderful spot for an early morning or afternoon meal.

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Prime Thai Restaurant

642 N Bridge St

Get some of Elkin’s most delicious Asian cuisine at Prime Thai Restaurant. Their Asian fusion menu is extensive, featuring dishes like teriyaki, chili paste duck, Thai sesame chicken, and curry. Experiment with some new and exciting food here!

Prime Thai is closed all day on Mondays and every day from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. However, they open for lunch and dinner for the rest of the week and the weekend.

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El Ahorro Mexican Restaurant

1019 N Bridge St.

El Ahorro has the highest ratings and reviews of all the Mexican restaurants in Elkin NC. And it’s a great restaurant to visit if you are trying to save some money on your trip. El Ahoro offers a range of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes for under $10 per plate.

The Mexican restaurant is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm every day, except on Wednesdays, when they close at 4:00 pm.

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The Reeves Theater & Café

29 W Main St

Things to Do in Elkin North Carolina Reeves Theater

The Reeves Theater & Café has a deep-rooted history in the Elkin community. In 2013, three Elkin residents bought this iconic spot and transformed it into the vibrant music venue we know today.

The “new” Reeves also has a fully functioning café and bar. In addition to coffee and baked goods, the café serves burgers, sandwiches, paninis, salads, and wraps.

We think the Reeves’ atmosphere is unmatched, and you’ll feel so too as you enjoy a light lunch in the backdrop of this live music venue.

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Six28 House

628 Elk Spur St

Six28 House is unlike any others on this list as it’s an inn first and Elkin restaurant second. But, if you’re lucky enough to stay here, their breakfast is one of the most delicious you’ll ever have!

Built in the 1920s, Six28 House has changed ownership seven times, and the current owners, Keith and Holly, are the first to operate it as a bed and breakfast. Keith has an impressive background in the culinary arts, having cooked at some upscale restaurants in Raleigh and other cities.

He prepares an incredible breakfast every morning for the guests. We really can’t recommend Six28 House and their breakfast enough!

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Skull Camp Brewing

2000 N Bridge St

Restaurants in Elkin NC Skull Camp Brewery

Skull Camp is a smokehouse and brewery situated just outside downtown. It began as a fun venture into the wine industry a decade ago and has since expanded to include a tasting room and smokehouse.

In addition to its wines and beers, Skull Camp serves some yummy food. Try their jumbo shrimp or specialty smoked wings for a memorable dinner.

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Southern on Main

102 E Main St

Restaurants in Elkin NC Southern on Main

Southern on Main offers a classy and upscale dining experience. We think it’s one of the best restaurants in Elkin because it celebrates the South’s traditions and authentic hospitality.

You’ll feel part of the family while enjoying their steamed mussels, grilled steaks, and local fish. Additionally, Southern on Main is one of those places where you can try the elusive sonker, a pie-like dessert native to Surry County.

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Speedy Chef

685 N Bridge St

This cozy joint outside Elkin downtown has some of the best diner food. Speedy Chef has prided itself on serving the best breakfast biscuits in the Yadkin Valley since 1968. You’ll have to go in and try their biscuits for yourself!

Their menu also covers everything from breakfast to dinner. So stop by for pancakes, burgers, hot dogs, fries, and more.

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The Wisdom Table

101 E Main St

Restaurants in Elkin NC The Wisdom Table

The Wisdom Table is a wine shop, a tasting room, and a bottle shop that features local wineries and wines from around the world. They also prepare a lovely charcuterie, which perfectly pairs with a wine tasting or bottle.

You’re welcome to fill up on cheese, crackers, and more before strolling around the shop in search of something nice to take home.

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The Yellow Door Café

280 Standard St

Restaurants in Elkin NC Yellow Door Cafe

The Yellow Door Café is Elkin’s newest brunch spot and first boutique restaurant. The Liberty Catering Company owns this classy café; the staff’s combined culinary experience makes for a great, French-inspired menu.

Dine like a Parisian with a crostini sampler, mini croissants, quiche Lorraine, and chicken and waffles. The Yellow Door is a fun boutique for those with daring palettes!

After-Dinner Cocktails at Fruition

223 W Main St

Elkin NC Restaurants Fruition Cocktail bar

You can grab a drink at a few places in Elkin, but we think you should start at Fruition. You’ll understand our suggestion if you like cocktails, a nice selection of alcohol, and canned beer.

They can make anything you want, but experts created Fruition’s drink menu. So just leave it to them, unless you think you know better.

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Which of these Elkin Restaurants Will You Visit First?

We hope you’re ready for more than a few meals at these restaurants in Elkin. They’re at the top of our list for a reason, and we can’t wait to revisit these menus for more amazing food experiences.

Are you familiar with Elkin’s food scene? We’d love to know which places you enjoy for meals out.

If you haven’t visited before, we’d love to know which of these restaurants you will visit first. So let us know here in the comments or by email.

Don’t forget to share your Elkin food adventures in our North Carolina Travel Facebook Group!

More Things to Do in Elkin (and Nearby!)

Beyond these fabulous restaurants in Elkin, we have travel guides to help you explore Elkin and its surroundings in Surry and Wilkes counties, and beyond!

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