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Visiting the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley (+ 10 Things We Love!)

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on April 22, 2024.

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Something interesting awaits around every corner of North Carolina’s mountains, and the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley is a perfect example.

About 40 minutes west of Asheville, this museum is a testament to founder Dale Walksler’s love for collecting, curating, and preserving motorcycle history.

After spending time here, we think Wheels Through Time is essential for motorcycle aficionados, history enthusiasts, and anyone who likes fun and fast vehicles.

Open from April to November, there is plenty to explore during the museum’s operating season. We created this guide to help you enjoy Wheels Through Time and show our love for this unique space.

Here’s how we’ve organized this guide to the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum:

  • Where is the Wheels Through Time Museum?
  • History
    • From Dale Walksler to Today
  • Visiting Today
    • When is the Wheels Through Time Museum Open?
    • Ticket Info
  • More Things We Love About This Museum
  • More Things to Do in Maggie Valley and Nearby

Skip ahead to any section in our guide, or keep reading about how to find this place and how it became a fantastic attraction in Maggie Valley.

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Where is the Wheels Through Time Museum?

Address: 62 Vintage Ln, Maggie Valley, NC
Phone Number: 828-926-6266

Wheels Through Time motorcyles

The first thing we love about the Wheels Through Time Museum is that it’s located in Maggie Valley in Haywood County. In the heart of North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, Maggie Valley is known for its beautiful creek, roadside vintage motels, and excellent hiking

The museum is about 40 minutes from downtown Asheville and close to these other mountain towns:

You can visually plan your trip to the Wheels Through Time Museum with the following maps:

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History of the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum

Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum

Another thing to appreciate (and love!) about the Wheels Through Time is its history. The history of this museum is as important to understand as the pieces you’ll find inside.

It starts with vintage motorcycles but also with Dale Walksler.

Who was Dale Walksler? 

Wheels Through Time Maggie Valley NC

Dale Walksler was a passionate collector, restorer, and advocate for preserving American motorcycle history. He started his collection in 1969 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Walksler was fond of American-made motorcycles, especially those from early 20th-century manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Indian.

Building the Wheels Through Time Museum

Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley

As the collection grew, Dale moved it to a Harley-Davidson dealership in Mount Vernon, Illinois, in 1977.

After more than 30 years in Illinois, Dale’s now-museum-worthy collection moved to Maggie Valley and the current location of the Wheels Through Time Museum.

The Wheels Through Time Museum opened in 2002 and quickly gained recognition for its vast collection of rare and vintage motorcycles. Interestingly enough, many motorcycles on display are operational and can be started and ridden.

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Continuing Dale’s Legacy

Dale Walksler passed away in 2021, leaving a legacy in motorcycle history and preservation. His legacy continues at the museum and through the visitors who share the love and rich history of American motorcycles.

We love this dedication to remembering Dale and his lifetime of work, and here’s how you can see it just as we have on multiple occasions!

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Visiting the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum Today

Wheels Through Time large building

Today, the Wheels Through Time Museum includes over 350 rare and vintage motorcycles, ranging from early 20th-century classics to modern beasts.

This unique collection of American-made motorcycles is housed inside a 38,000-square-foot facility in Maggie Valley. We can’t think of Maggie Valley without the Wheels Through Time Museum.

When is the Wheels Through Time Museum Open?

The Museum is open seasonally from April to November, usually from Thursday to Monday.

Specific dates and hours can change and we don’t want you to be surprised by an unforeseen closure. We recommend you check the Wheels Through Time website or call them (828-926-6266) for the current season’s operating hours.

Ticket Info

Before you enter, you’ll need to purchase a ticket. Here’s a quick breakdown of admission prices:

  • Adults: $15
  • Seniors: $12
  • Kids: $7

Prices do not include sales tax.

Ticket sales go to keeping this museum alive, and we hope as many people as possible can continue supporting it!

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More Things We Love About the Wheels Through Time Museum

Prepare for an enthralling thrill ride after entering the Wheels Through Time Museum. Here are some more things we love about it.

A Living Museum

Wheels Through Time harleys

One of the standout features of the Wheels Through Time Museum is its “living museum” concept. Many of the motorcycles on display are in working condition, and the staff is known for starting them up and even taking visitors for rides.

Have you ever taken a ride on one of these beautiful machines? We’d love to read about your experience in the comments section!

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Related Memorabilia

Wheels Through Time harley davidson

In addition to motorcycles, the museum houses a variety of related memorabilia, including vintage posters, photographs, and motorcycle-related artifacts, providing historical context to the collection.

Many will take you back to a different era and wonder if you were meant to be alive then.

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Ongoing Restoration

Wheels through time

You can witness ongoing restoration projects and learn about the painstaking work that returns these classic bikes to their former glory.

This dedication to preservation and education makes the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum an invaluable resource for motorcycle enthusiasts and history lovers.

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Not Just a Museum

Wheels Through Time enterance

Maggie Valley’s Wheels Through Time Museum is not just a museum; it’s a living testament to the evolution of American motorcycle culture and technology.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider, a history buff, or simply someone looking for a unique and engaging experience, visiting this extraordinary museum will leave a lasting impression and provide a deeper appreciation for motorcycles’ role in shaping American history.

Have you ever visited the Wheels Through Time Museum? We’d love to hear more about your experiences here.

If you haven’t made it yet, let us know about your first time in the comments section! Don’t forget to share your Maggie Valley adventures in our North Carolina Travel Facebook Group!

More Things to Do in Maggie Valley (and Nearby)

Blue Ridge Craft Trails Mountain Mike

As we mentioned, the Wheels Through Time Museum is in the fantastic small town of Maggie Valley. There are so many fun things to do here, including:

  • Grab food at local restaurants, especially breakfast at Joey’s Pancakes. That delicious establishment is usually among our readers’ picks for “Best Breakfast in North Carolina.”
  • Check out local artists! One of the most exciting things in Maggie Valley is exploring its art scene. Blue Ridge Craft Trails have been created throughout Western NC, and Haywood County has some incredible artists.
Bearwaters Brewing Company Maggie Valley NC
  • Canton-based BearWaters Brewing Company is nestled alongside a tranquil creek in Maggie Valley and offers delectable bites along with refreshing pints. Simply kick back, unwind, and let the soothing sounds of the creek serenade you!
  • Want to get an authentic taste of Appalachia? Then you definitely must check out The Stompin’ Ground Dance Hall in Maggie Valley! With live performances that feature mountain, bluegrass, clogging, and square dancing, this is THE place to go in North Carolina for all things dancing.
  • Other fun things to do while the Wheels Through Time Museum is open include drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and stops at Waterrock Knob (Milepost 451), about 20 minutes away from Maggie Valley.

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Clingmans Dome Observation Tower NC

As you can see, there are so many things to do, but these are just a few of our favorite places near the Wheels Through Time Museum. You can check out our Maggie Valley and Waynesville guides for even more!

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More Things to Do Near the Wheels Through Time Museum

We’ve featured the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum and more things to do nearby in our NC Travel Guides collection. Here are a few of them.

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