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14+ Enchanting Ghost Tours in NC for You to Join!

Published by Carl Hedinger. Last Updated on February 25, 2024.

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From the mountains to the coast, there are quite a few spooky places in North Carolina, dating back to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and even earlier. These ghost tours in NC are a great way to learn and scare yourself into realizing North Carolina is pretty haunted and full of interesting ghost stories.

Whether looking for a fall scare or something creepy throughout the year, one of these North Carolina ghost tours will take you through these so-called haunted places. Most major cities and small towns in the state have a ghost story or two, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the biggest ghost tours in the state.

Ghost tours in NC

We’re not here to judge the validity of these tours, but we will say some “interesting” things have happened more than a few times. Regardless of your feelings on ghosts, we think you’ve come to the right place to learn more about North Carolina’s hidden history.

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No Spoiler Alerts

To respect the businesses and organizations that put on these ghost tours, we don’t want to provide more details than they’re willing to offer on their public websites. That way you don’t have to worry about spoilers when reading this article!

List of Ghost Tours in NC

The NC ghost tours on this list span centuries of lore and include different activities and sights, so you have your pick! We’ve organized this guide by region, followed by city, so you can easily find a tour for your preferred location:

  • Western NC
    • Asheville
    • Wilkesboro
  • Central NC
    • Charlotte
    • Greensboro
    • Hillsborough
    • Raleigh
    • Winston-Salem
  • Eastern NC
    • Beaufort
    • Goldsboro
    • Manteo
    • New Bern
    • Wilmington

Note that these NC ghost tours may involve subject matter that some parents may find inappropriate for children, including accurate descriptions of historical events such as death and murder.

Western NC Ghost Tours

We start this roundup with the best ghost tour in Asheville, Western NC’s biggest city.

Haunted Asheville

Things to Do in Asheville NC Biltmore Village Cathedral of All Souls
Cathedral of All Souls.

Haunted Asheville is the best ghost tour in Asheville, putting a twist on the traditional walking tour and offers the knowledge necessary to go out and seek out spirits on your own.

The company offers three tours, including:

  • The Classic Walking Tour is a 2-mile trip featuring spots such as the Pink Lady, who haunts the Omni Grove Park Inn, spirits from the city’s most prolific criminals, and other sites from Asheville’s dark side.
  • The new Supernatural Tour is an all-encompassing tour focused on ghosts and the historical origins of Asheville’s first settlers and their superstitions, rituals, and folklore. The 2-hour tour is for adults interested in expanding their understanding of the supernatural.
  • Finally, Haunted Asheville also operates the Biltmore Village Mystery Tour, which delves into the spookiness surrounding “America’s Largest Home.” This ghost tour will teach you about Asheville’s “secret” serial killer, All Souls Cathedral, and more.

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Candlelight Ghost Tours at the Wilkes Heritage Museum

Wilkes Heritage Museum things to do in Wilkesboro NC

The Wilkes Heritage Museum hosts Candlelight Ghost Tours on select dates throughout the year as a fundraiser. If you’re familiar with names like Tom Dula (Aka Tom Dooley), you’ll know that Wilkes County is filled with interesting folklore and ghost tales.

During a tour, you’ll learn stories of the past, and you may be greeted by the footsteps of the long-dead Tom Dula in the jail cell he once occupied. You may also see the earthbound spirit of a little girl killed by runaway horses.

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Central NC Ghost Tours

You’ll find ghost tours in NC’s biggest cities between the mountains and the sea, starting with Charlotte.

Charlotte Beyond the Grave Tour

The view from The Dunhill Hotel Charlotte

Of all the cities on this list, Charlotte is the most modern, with new districts and buildings surrounding the original older streets and neighborhoods.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that Charlotte’s paranormal scene is lacking—quite the opposite. Old Settlers’ Cemetery has some of the biggest scares on the Beyond the Grave Tour, operated by Carolina History and Haunts.

This company operates tours in Greensboro and Winston-Salem which we’ll expand on shortly.

The tours meet at 201 N. Tryon Street in front of The Capital Grille at the 5/3 Building.

The tour also has some convenient partnerships with local companies, including:

  • The Dunhill Hotel offers a 10 percent discount for a room if you request the “Carolina History & Haunts” rate. 
  • If you show your tour tickets, Ri Ra Irish Pub reduces your meal by 20 percent.

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Greensboro NC Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours in NC

Another ghost tour in NC that Carolina History Haunts conducts is Nightmares Around Elm Street in Greensboro. Gate City is said to be a hotbed for ghouls and spirits, with an extensive Revolutionary War and Civil War history that will give you shivers.

Many of downtown Greensboro’s buildings have been preserved throughout the centuries allowing for the tour to recount the chilling events that have occurred here perfectly.

Nightmares Around Elm Street tours meet at the flagpole at the Melvin Municipal Building. The 90-minute tour journeys across downtown, stopping at historic sites such as Blandwood Mansion which promises horror and intrigue for ghost story fanatics.

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Haunted Hillsborough Tours

Hillsborough Oldest Towns in North Carolina

Hillsborough is a short drive from Durham and Raleigh (also Chapel Hill).

Its centralized location and rich history make for a fun, lesser-known NC ghost tour.

Haunted Hillsborough Tours has operated here since 2017, offering several options for ghost tours. All of the tours are led by Enoch Pugh, who died in 1771 and lived through the history he’ll tell you about.

Options for tours include:

  • Historic Ghost Tour
  • ‘Haints Misbehaving’ Ghost Tour
  • A forthcoming Hills-BOO-rough Ghost Tour for Kids

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Raleigh Ghosts and Ghouls Haunting Tour

Downtown Raleigh NC Winter

Raleigh Ghosts and Ghouls Haunting Tour is hosted by US Ghost Adventures, a tour company operating ghost tours in 60 of the most haunted cities nationwide. This awesome ghost tour in NC’s capital city discovers its darker side.

Raleigh Ghosts is a one-hour tour spanning one mile. The tour group meets at the State Capitol Building, long thought to be a hotspot for paranormal activity, and then treks to the Executive Mansion and the White-Holman House, which we’ll touch more upon shortly.

Is this the best ghost tour in Raleigh? Maybe so but our next entry will have something to say about that.

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Raleigh Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour

Like its neighbor in Durham, the Raleigh Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour is also hosted by Tobacco Road Tours. As mentioned, there is a lot of history, political unrest, accidents, and more to keep Raleigh’s paranormal side alive.

This ghost tour in Raleigh is a walking tour that spans 1.5 miles of downtown and is designed specifically for families and children over eight years. The tour stops at four historical sites said to be habited by ghosts and spirits.

Some of the sites include:

  • The White-Holman House, which is possibly haunted by a peg-legged ghost.
  • The Governor’s Mansion, which may or may not still be the home of former Gov. Daniel Fowe.

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Winston-Salem West Endings Tour

Ghost Tours in North Carolina Winston Salem

As the name suggests, the West Endings Tour explores Winston-Salem’s Historic West End District. Winston-Salem has long been regarded as one of the spookiest cities in the state, given that it was once the home of one of the first Moravian settlements.

West Endings is a 90-minute walking tour that traipses through the Victorian-style streets of Winston-Salem.

The tour group meets in the courtyard behind The Rosenbacher House, and check-in begins 15 minutes before the start of the tour. The nighttime tours are available on Tuesdays and Saturdays and can be booked up to a month in advance.

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Eastern NC Ghost Tours

Let’s head over to the coast, where you’ll find NC ghost tours covering the earliest European settlers through some more recent permanent residents.

Beaufort Ghost Walk

Beaufort NC Front Street Level View

Beaufort boasts the title of North Carolina’s third-oldest town and the home of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, which automatically qualifies it as a famous ghost residence in our book!

Beaufort and everywhere else off the NC coast is considered the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” though the Outer Banks gets credit more often than not. Along our coast, over 5,000 ships have met their end in the past five centuries.

Beaufort Ghost Walk was recently redesigned to provide the spookiest experience possible. The Ghost Walk travels through history from the golden age of piracy, the colonial era, and the turmoil of the early 1900s.

The tour welcomes kids over 3 years old, making it a great family activity once the sun goes down!

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Fear at the Fort (Fort Macon State Park)

Fort Macon outside wall

Fort Macon is another historic Civil War site steeped in ghost activity. For a couple of days in October (October 20-21, 2023), Fear at the Fort helps you experience this haunted state park in person.

Ages 13 and up are welcome to join this NC ghost tour. Walk through the 19th-century fort as the sun goes down and the site turns dark and quiet.

If you’re up for it, be prepared; spirits and creatures awaiting your visit for decades are ready to give you a good scare.

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Downtown Goldsboro Ghost Tour

Goldsboro downtown

Goldsboro has one of the best ghost tours in NC, both hosted by an area local. The Ghost Walk of Olde Goldsborough will take you around downtown for spooky tales of spirits, death, and war.

We can vouch for Downtown’s historic buildings’ dark secrets, but we won’t spoil them for you. A local paranormal investigator dressed in an eerie historical costume is the perfect storyteller for this tour.

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OBX Walking Tours

Downtown Manteo NC OBX Town

This ghost tour in NC’s Outer Banks will show you why this is the most haunted beach in America! Your OBX Ghost Tours guide will take you through downtown Manteo by lantern, all while telling spooky stories and the haunted history of the Outer Banks.

Whether you believe it or not, you’ll enjoy your time at OBX Ghost Tours.

Be entertained as our enthusiastic guides lead you through downtown Manteo telling the spooky stories that make The Outer Banks one of the most haunted beaches in America! You even get to use a real ghost detector!

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Ghosts of New Bern

Things to do in New Bern downtown new bern

The Ghosts of New Bern walking tour was founded in 2008 by Joe and Joyce O’Callahan. The tour has quickly skyrocketed to fame and become a staple itinerary item for visitors and locals.

Like the rest of the state, New Bern has a storied Revolutionary and Civil War history but also suffered through the yellow fever epidemic in 1864. Haunted New Bern is brimming with ghosts with their own stories to tell.

The tour operates at 7:30 pm five days a week from March to October, and then only on the weekends during the rest of the year.

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Haunted Wilmington

Wilmington waterfront

An award-winning ghost tour praised as Wilmington’s number one haunted attraction, Haunted Wilmington draws on the intriguing and ghastly history of this bustling port town.

Wilmington’s lore consists of epidemics, pirates, and untimely ends, all explored in Haunted Wilmington’s two tours: the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington and Haunted Pub Crawl.

  • The Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington manages 28 haunted sites, with each tour visiting five sites a night. The 90-minute tour ventures to some of the most active haunted homes and alleyways. The Ghost Walk is offered year-round at 6:30 pm on certain nights and a second time at 8:30 pm in peak season from March to October.
  • The Haunted Pub Crawl is a 2.5-hour endeavor featuring drinks and dark history. The local pubs have just as much grisly history as the rest of the city, and you’ll love every minute!

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Ready to Brave these Ghost Tours in North Carolina?

Everywhere in North Carolina has an exciting story and these ghost tours can be an excellent introduction. These tours mix education, entertainment, and creepy tales spanning multiple centuries.

Whether you’re joining a tour during fall or any other time of year, these haunted journeys offer a unique perspective on NC’s past and the neverending impressions it makes on the present and future.

If you’re familiar with any of these ghost tours in North Carolina, we’d love to know what you think of them. Let us know in the comments and feel free to share any tours we didn’t mention that should be on the list.

Don’t forget to visit our North Carolina Travel Facebook Group and share your experiences! Photos are very welcome!

More Things to Do (Beyond NC Ghost Tours)

We’re excited to share these ghost tours in North Carolina but want to remind you that there are many more things to do throughout the state. Our NC travel guides feature a few of them here.

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