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The MacPherson House in Fayetteville (and 5 Reasons Why We Love It!)

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on April 22, 2024.

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The MacPherson House is the best place to stay in Fayetteville, North Carolina. With five luxurious rooms and a great location, the refurbished historic home is also the best bed and breakfast in town!

Nestled on a hill in-between Downtown Fayetteville and Historic Haymount, the MacPherson House is the perfect base to explore this wonderful city in Eastern North Carolina

During a hosted stay, we were greeted with Southern hospitality, rooms that all give a nod to the history and past of Fayetteville, delicious breakfast, and more. We’ve created this guide to help you enjoy your time at the MacPherson House, too.

We also want to share a handful of things that make this property special. It’s our favorite Fayetteville NC bed and breakfast. Keep reading along with us and you’ll see why!

  • Where is the MacPherson House?
  • 5 More Reasons Why We Love The MacPherson House
    • The History
    • The MacPherson House Rooms
    • The Amenities at The MacPherson House
    • Breakfast
    • The Bloom Apothecary
  • Ready to Experience the Best Bed and Breakfast in Fayetteville?
  • More Things to Do Nearby (+ Travel Guides)

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Where is the MacPherson House?

Address: 710 Hay St, Fayetteville, NC
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MacPherson House

The MacPherson House is on Hay Street between Downtown Fayetteville and the Historic Haymount District. The US Army Airborne and Special Ops Museum and the 1897 Poe House are within walking distance, and their proximity is a great example of the bed and breakfast’s ideal location.

You can visually travel to the area through our Eastern North Carolina Map, after reading the rest of this article, of course!

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5 More Reasons Why We Love The MacPherson House

The location is hard to beat, but here are five more things we love about the MacPherson House.

The History

Built in 1920, the MacPherson House sat once on Hollywood Farm in a more rural part of Fayetteville. S.H. MacPherson built the farmhouse for him and his new bride, Mary.

At the time, the MacPherson family was one of the largest grain producers in Hesters’rolina. They were also well known for their hospitality and service to the community. 

In 1991, the MacPherson house was acquired by Bill and Dawn Hester, two lovers of historic preservation. They are also responsible for many of the historic downtown Fayetteville buildings that have been refurbished and remain in operation today. 

Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House exterior details

After purchasing The MacPherson House, the Hesters moved it from Hollywood Farm to where it sits today on Hay Street. Relying on the original blueprints, the house was reassembled.

The Hesters planned to turn the house into an inn, installing the en-suite bathrooms. They also lived in the house, until Katy and Michael Stevick purchased it in 2020. 

Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House history details

The Stevicks took the Hesters’ dream and turned The MacPherson House into a beautiful bed and breakfast. The new owners also renovateFayetteville’sd brought it to life for future guests.

Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House details

Preserving as much of the original history as possible, including refinishing the original 1926 clawfoot tub, the historic home welcomed its first guests in October 2020. 

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The MacPherson House Rooms

Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House Cambellton room

With original hardwood floors and large restored windows that bring in plenty of natural light, guests at The MacPherson House will find a relaxing and luxurious experience.

Crisp white linens, soft pillows, and beautiful decor adorn rooms named with historical in mind, a nod to Fayetteville’s past.

For example, the Campbellton (where we stayed) is the only guest room on the first floor and was named after one of the original villages.

This is also the room with the restored 1926 clawfoot tub. Guests in this room also have direct access to the peaceful back patio. 

There are five rooms in the main house with plans currently ongoing to provide a sixth on the fourth floor. 

They include the following:

  • The Campbellton (Mentioned Above)
  • The Chesnutt
  • The Lafayette
  • The Saint Avold Suite
  • The Dogwood
Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House upstairs room

In the back of the house is a private cottage (The Cottage on Hay) that is perfect for families. The cottage is also pet-friendly and has a kitchenette, a separate living room, and a queen-sized sleeper sofa in addition to a queen-sized bed. 

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The Amenities at The MacPherson House

Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House amenities

When I walked into The MacPherson House, the smell of fresh-baked cookies filled the space. I mean is there any way to top the scent of more gooey chocolate and butter? 

On each floor, there are comfort stations with coffee, a mini-fridge stocked with early-riser breakfast options, fresh cookies, and homemade muffins.

Coffee and tea are available at your convenience throughout the day. You’ll even find wine glasses and openers if you’re like to indulge in a bit of vino on the patio. 


Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House breakfast

Breakfast is served daily and made fresh at 8:30 am. Expect a delicious meal with a rotating menu! Anything from egg soufflé to baked French toast is on the table.

The MacPherson House is also very receptive to dietary needs and restrictions and happy to accommodate any special requests. 

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The Bloom Apothecary

Best Place to Stay in Fayetteville MacPherson House dining room details

If you need any more reasons to love The MacPherson House, make sure to visit The Bloom Apothecary in the basement! You’ll find hand-made, small-batch, and luxurious bath soaks, oils, and botanical goods here. 

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Ready to Experience the Best Fayetteville, NC Bed and Breakfast?

You can see why we think The MacPherson House is the best place to stay in Fayetteville! With warm Southern hospitality, comfortable and luxurious rooms, and fantastic amenities, we couldn’t recommend a better place to rest your head in Cumberland County!

We hope you enjoy your time exploring all there is to do and make your time even more memorable by staying in this historic family-owned bed and breakfast. 

If you’re familiar with The MacPherson House, we’d love to know about your experiences there. You can let us know in the comments or by email.

Don’t forget to share your Fayetteville adventures in our North Carolina Travel Facebook Group!

More Things to Do Nearby (+ Travel Guides)

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