3 Amazing Breweries in Boone That Offer Incredible High Country Beer (and Eats, Too!)

Last Updated on June 21, 2022

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As a college town, you’d have to expect some pretty awesome breweries in Boone. One of our first experiences with NC beer was with the biggest name in the mountain town, but upon further exploration, we’ve found that all three pack a diverse and equally strong punch.

And if you’ve visited Boone as we love to do, too, you may already know this. But in case you don’t, tag along with us as we share more about three of the High Country‘s best places to grab in-house brews and food, too.

These breweries are part of why we consider Boone to be an amazing winter getaway!

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Breweries in Boone

Our map of these breweries in Boone will help you visually plan your trip to the area.

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First, Thanks to App State

You might think Boone’s brewery scene is the product of so many university students living here while attending App State. That’s partly true, but really, the university’s unique Fermentation Sciences Program is largely responsible for the craft brewers here and in other parts of North Carolina (and beyond).

Thankfully, some of those students have stuck around and opened up some breweries. Here they are in ABL order. No, that’s not a typo as you’ll see shortly!

Note: We receive no compensation for sharing this. I’m not telling anyone where to go to school but Carl is certainly wishing this program was around when we were in school.

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Appalachian Mountain Brewery

163 Boone Creek Dr

AMB is the biggest name among these breweries in Boone. Such interesting things going on here.

At Appalachian Mountain Brewery, they ferment with a purpose. Purchase a Longleaf IPA, a Boone Creek Blonde Ale, or one of their other tasty options on-site and you’ll be putting your money toward one of the hundred-plus local non-profits they support.

Knowing this tells me that the community commitment is strong at this Boone brewery.

Head brewer Nathan Keilschek is a product of App State’s Fermentation Sciences program that we mentioned. Further, AMB continues to support that program with internships and collaborations, instilling a legacy that will remain strong in Mountaineer town.

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Booneshine Brewing Company

465 Industrial Park Dr

Booneshine wins for "best scenery" among the breweries in Boone.

With a name like Booneshine, you’d think that only hooch would be coming out of this brewery! But no, the name comes is a tribute to the community and awesomeness that is Boone.

Booneshine Brewing Flatbread Boone NC

Owners Carson Coatney and Tim Herdklotz wanted a place and product to showcase Boone, and a brewery proved as the perfect fit. With an outdoor beer garden a spacious indoor seating, the vibe is definitely one of the highlights here.

You may recognize Coatney from other local businesses in the area. His Stick Boy Bread Company, Kitchen, and Melanie’s Food Fantasy are a few town favorites, and Booneshine forms the brewery side of his Boone kingdom.

And speaking of the beer, their Tropicpale Ale and Molasses Porter are a couple of our favorites. However, during a recent trip, the Long Winter Mocha Stout (with Hatchett Coffee) really presented a challenge when it comes to which is best.

Lost Province Brewing Company

130 North Depot St

And then there's Lost Province, with the coolest name and names of beers of all the breweries in Boone.

Among the breweries in Boone, Lost Province is the only one you’ll find downtown. Its name is an homage to Ashe, Allegheny, and Watauga counties’ nickname as the Lost Province. That’s thanks to the area’s history of geographic isolation until recent times.

Today, the location is perfect, especially for this Lost Province. It’s just up the street on Depot from the Doc Watson statue at the corner of King. This brewery also serves delicious wood-fired pizzas. So on busy days, you can bet Lost Province gets pretty slammed with folks ready to sip and eat!

And if you can’t get a seat, don’t fret. You can even grab six-packs to go.

Brewed on-site and distributed as far as Charlotte and Greensboro, Lost Province’s beers are definitely crowd-pleasers. Names and tastes we love include the Kiss My Grits Lager, Hipster Juice IPA, or the Keep Calm and Cherry On Cherry Wheat Ale

Breweries in Boone NC Lost Province Brewing Co Pizza

Say any of those out loud when ordering. Trust me. It’ll feel fun and become clear that the folks in charge want to keep things as relaxed as possible for everyone involved.

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Which of These Breweries in Boone Will You Love Most?

These breweries in Boone really make it tough for us to choose one winner, so we’ll leave it to you. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit these awesome spots, which is your favorite and why?

And if you haven’t been yet, we hope you’ll get a chance to stop by for a beer and to experience the wonder that is Boone.

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