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20+ Wonderful Things to Do in Lexington and Nearby (Barbecue and More!)

Published by Christina Riley. Last Updated on July 6, 2024.

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Lexington, North Carolina has enjoyed multiple claims to fame throughout its existence, including furniture and textiles. But today, barbecue and wine stand out among the most popular (and bucket list-worthy) things to do in Lexington NC.

Those two run the show these days, but you’ll find even more beyond delicious smoked pigs and cabernet. That includes local events not dedicated to barbecue (though you know we’ll mention one pig-related festival!), the arts, and more that deserve your attention for at least a weekend in Lexington.

Here’s how we’ve organized this guide:

  • Where is Lexington, North Carolina?
  • Where to Stay
  • Annual Events
    • Lexington Barbecue Festival and More!
  • Things to Do in Lexington NC This Weekend (and All Year!)
    • Lexington Barbecue
    • Local Businesses
    • Lexington Wineries and More!
  • Things to Do near Lexington NC (Day Trips)
    • Boone’s Cave Park
    • High Rock Lake
    • NC Zoo and More!

If you live in the area or want to plan a trip to Lexington, NC and are wondering, “What are the best things to do near me?” this guide will definitely help you out!

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Where is Lexington NC?

Lexington NC Map

Lexington is the county seat of Davidson County in Central North Carolina. The city was named after Lexington, Massachusetts, to honor the site of the American Revolutionary War’s first battle.
Technically a part of the Piedmont Triad region, Lexington is near the exact center of North Carolina. The town is within a reasonable drive from many of NC’s biggest cities and most fun small towns.

Here are a few places within an hour’s drive from Lexington:

  • Salisbury (25 Minutes Away)
  • Winston-Salem (25 Minutes Away)
  • Asheboro (35 Minutes Away)
  • Greensboro (40 Minutes Away)
  • Uwharrie National Forest (40 Minutes Away)
  • Morrow Mountain State Park (1 Hour Away)

You can read more about each place in our “Day Trips” section and visually plan your trip with our North Carolina Travel Map and Central North Carolina Map.

However, we invite you to keep reading about annual events and the best Lexington NC things to do!

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Where to Stay in Lexington

For a smaller city, Lexington offers quite a few chain hotels, including Hampton Inn (our pick) and a Holiday Inn Express at Childress Vineyards. There are also multiple camping options at High Rock Lake, including High Rock Lake Campground (1013 Wafford Circle Lexington, NC).

Find Lexington NC Vacation Rentals

Annual Events in Lexington NC

Uptown Lexington Drone

Lexington, North Carolina is home to a wonderful collection of annual events. Here are a few specific celebrations that you should know about!

  • Cruise’N (March-October)
  • Strawberry Picking (March to May, Dates Vary)
  • NC Tribute to the King (April)
  • The Barbecue Festival (October)
  • Christmas Uptown (November-December)

Cruise’N (March-October)

On every second Tuesday of the month from March to October, hundreds of classic cars and hot rods are on display during Que-City Cruise’N. It’s a great time for the entire family to enjoy cars and visit Uptown’s businesses!

Strawberry Picking (March to May, Dates Vary)

We're huge fans of strawberry picking in North Carolina and hope our guide helps you find some tasty farms to visit!

You’ll want to head to Berrier Farm in Lexington (6422 N. NC Hwy 150) during spring for some strawberry picking! This family farm offers the option of picking your strawberries or prepicked.

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Lexington Elvis Festival (April)

In 1956, Elvis Presley, who hadn’t yet reached stardom, got on stage in Lexington and performed. To commemorate that day and Elvis’s musical career and success, Lexington hosts the NC Tribute Festival to the King in April.

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The Barbecue Festival (October)

You can’t go to Lexington without barbecue coming to mind, especially during The Barbecue Festival! Bringing over 200,000 people to the streets of Uptown on a single day in October, this is a must-attend North Carolina event.

It spans over 10 city blocks with music, events, and of course the best legendary barbecue. Over four hundred vendors are also at the festival, showing and selling their handmade crafts.

If you don’t want to drive, Amtrack makes a special stop in Lexington that day just for the festival!

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Christmas Open House (November)

Enjoy the festive holiday season with Christmas Open House! Lexington also holds its tree lighting ceremony during this event, make it a truly magical time to be in Lexington!

Don’t forget to come and browse the windows of Uptown businesses that have decorated their storefronts. You can even vote for your favorite!

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Things to Do in Lexington This Weekend (and All Year!)

Even if you aren’t around during the town’s annual events, you can still join in on the fun with these fantastic things to do in Lexington this weekend and throughout the year.

  • Lexington Barbecue
  • Lexington City Hall Barbecue Pits
  • Where to Eat Lexington-Style Barbecue (Restaurants)
  • Must-Visit Lexington NC Local Businesses
    • Perfect Blend Coffee Shop
    • Missions Pottery
    • Conrad & Hinkle
    • The Candy Factory
    • Pig City Books
    • Lanier Hardware
    • The Bob Timberlake Gallery and Museum
    • Lexington Wineries and Vineyards
    • Bull City Ciderworks
    • Goose and the Monkey

Lexington Barbecue

NC Barbecue image

With over 20 historic barbecue pits, Lexington has always taken pride in its barbecue. In 2005, fourth-graders from Friedburg Elementary School even spurred a bill to recognize the Lexington Barbecue Festival as the official State Barbecue Festival.

After outrage and a change in marketing, it was given a high honor.

But what makes Lexington barbecue different from other styles? Like champagne, many don’t consider it Lexington-style barbecue unless you’re at one of the town’s 12 barbecue joints.

More specifically, Lexington-style ‘cue is a smoked pork shoulder lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s then sauced with a tomato vinegar-based dip after it’s been chopped.

Another marker of Lexington-style barbecue? Red slaw.

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Visit the City Hall Pits

Address: 28 W Center St, Lexington, NC

Lexington bbq history pits image

History lovers will enjoy knowing that Lexington barbecue all started with Sid Weaver. In 1919, Weaver started selling barbecue out of a tent in the middle of town. Soon after, Jesse Swicegood, Warner Stamey, and Alton Beck learned his techniques and followed suit.

In 2005, when the city was renovating the City Hall, they uncovered a smoky surprise. Behind a wall, they started to find charred and smoky bricks. As it turns out, these were the pits to the city’s first brick-and-mortar store owned by Alton Beck.

Lexington NC things to do image

Beck opened his restaurant in 1938 on the corner of West Center St behind the courthouse. The strong smoky smells would waft over to those at the courthouse and draw patrons in. Today, you can see these historic pits inside Lexington City Hall and learn more about the city’s NC Barbecue heritage.

Holy Smoke details the history of barbecue in Lexington and elsewhere in North Carolina.

Pick up a copy online or in person at your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, ask and they’ll order it for you!

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Where to Eat Lexington-Style Barbecue

Lexington barbecue pits image

Of course, you’ll want to eat some local ‘cue while you’re in town! But with 12 barbecue restaurants scattered across town, it might be hard to choose.

But you’ll find that each barbecue restaurant in Lexington does something a little different worth trying. Whether it’s a family recipe for hushpuppies or a tweak to their slaw, it all comes down to personal preference. That’s why we recommend you try them all!

Interestingly enough, you won’t find any barbecue in Uptown Lexington. Why? Because each barbecue joint started as a way to serve its respective neighborhood.

Lexington Barbecue

Address: 100 Smokehouse Ln, Lexington, NC

Lexington barbecue nc image

Lexington Barbecue is an incredibly popular stop for locals and tourists around. Wood-smoking their meat and saucing in the kitchen, we found that Lexington Barbecue has some of the most incredible hush puppies!

Oh, and in 2003, owner Wayne Monk received the James Beard Foundation’s America’s Classic Award!

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Bar-B-Q Center

Address: 900 N Main St, Lexington, NC
Facebook Page

Whether you’re coming for a barbecue salad (yes, you read that right…) or a chopped plate, Bar-B-Q Center is a must-visit. But what many people don’t realize is that this place started as an ice cream shop.

One winter, the Conrad family noticed that less ice cream was being served so they decided to throw a pork shoulder on the pit.

Lexington barbecue ice cream sundae image

Today, they are equally famous for their barbecue and ice cream. Save room for the ginormous 3.5-pound banana split!

Diners can choose any three ice cream flavors topped with chocolate syrup, wet walnuts, whipped cream, and of course, a cherry! They make approximately 800 of these bad boys a month. And believe it or not, not many people can finish one!

Speedy’s Barbecue

Address: 408 Piedmont Drive, Lexington, NC

Speedys barbecue lexington nc image

After three days of eating barbecue, I pulled up to Speedy’s Barbecue and was unaware of what was happening. I look down at my phone, and suddenly I hear a tap tap tap on my window, followed by a young man asking me, “Has someone gotten your order, ma’am?”

I’m calling this curbside service “toot and ‘cue,” (patent pending), which not many Lexington restaurants offer anymore. As much as I’d love to chow down on a barbecue sandwich in my car, I figured I needed to go inside for a sit-down meal.

Speedys barbecue image

The portions at Speedy’s are huge, quick, and delicious. A vibe inside (a buzz, perhaps?) hints you’re about to eat a good meal.

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Must-Visit Lexington NC Businesses

Looking to do some shopping while in Lexington? Here are some of our favorite locally owned places in Uptown Lexington and elsewhere!

Perfect Blend Coffee Shop

Address: 1 N Main St, Lexington, NC
Facebook Page

You may already know this about us, but we love coffee shops, especially when you can get some work done in them. And finding an adorable coffee shop where we can mix delicious coffee and productivity is always on our travel itinerary!

That’s exactly what Uptown’s Perfect Blend Coffee Shop offers. With a wide selection of hot and cold caffeinated drinks, sandwiches, pastries, and friendly customer service, it’s a relaxing little coffee shop!

As he roasted a new batch, owner Tyler Prevatte explained that they source their beans directly from suppliers. This eliminates the middleman and ensures that they know the farmers and communities they support when purchasing.

I like to think of that as a step above fair-trade coffee!

Missions Pottery

Address: 3 N Main St, Lexington, NC

Missions pottery lexington nc image

And next door, Tyler’s father-in-law (and former NASCAR engine builder) Tommy Davis owns Missions Pottery. It has more than fired clay, including various art types and pottery.

Interestingly, all of Tommy’s pieces have holes in them where the tag is threaded. And no, it’s not a defect or a mistake. Each hole represents a spiritual void everyone is looking to fill, serving as a reminder to keep searching for that meaning in your life.

Each piece is hand-made and serves a higher purpose, supporting the community and beyond. Pottery-throwing classes are also available if you’d like to make an experience out of your visit to Missions Pottery!

Profits from Missions Pottery support Christian missions everywhere, from Lexington to places around the world.

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Conrad & Hinkle

Address: 6 North Main St, Lexington, NC

Conrad and Hinkle Lexington NC Outside image

Conrad & Hinkle is a local food market providing friendly hometown service to the Lexington community since 1919. This family-run business offers an experience that takes you back in time, selling things you won’t typically find in big box stores.

You can also buy local produce and meat cut the way you want, furthering Conrad & Hinkle’s distinction as a one-stop shop for nearly everything.

But above all, Conrad & Hinkle is known for its legendary pimento cheese. The folks here make more than 300 pounds of this family-secret cheese daily, and they have a following.

This delicious delicacy gets shipped all over the state, but if you’re in the area, you should grab at least one fresh tub straight from the source.

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The Candy Factory

Address: 15 N Main St, Lexington, NC

The Candy Factory is an Uptown favorite filled with sweet, sugary memories, perfect for kids and kids at heart. Large glass collars of confections line the walls, filled with candy, chocolate, and old-fashioned favorites.

The Candy Factory

The business sits inside the Lexington Hardware building and has a nice nostalgic vibe. It could also be the fresh smells of root beer barrels and house-made fudge.

The Candy Factory is the perfect place to empty your piggy bank and browse candies from another time.

Pig City Books

Address: 16 Court Square, Lexington, NC

Pig City Books

We mentioned local bookstores earlier and Pig City Books is a great addition to Uptown Lexington. We highly recommend stopping in and browsing their shelves.

Not only is the space absolutely adorable, but Pig City Books has an excellent selection of new and notable, children’s books, and a fantastic local section!

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Lanier Hardware

Address: 218 S. Main St, Lexington, NC
Facebook Page

Laniers lexington nc things to do image

A hardware store is not something that you would usually find in a guide to must-see attractions. But Lanier’s Hardware has become a local legend that even earns a look from tour buses!

Family-owned and operated since 1940, Lanier’s has expanded from smaller spaces to over 85,000 square feet. And with a motto of, “If we don’t have it, and we can’t get it, you don’t need it,” this is a place where you’ll find everything you need.

They offer sporting goods, an extensive model section, housewares, and (of course!) hardware. You’ll be hard-pressed not to complete any DIY project after a trip to Lanier’s!

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The Bob Timberlake Gallery and Museum

Address: 1714 E Center St, Lexington, NC

Things to do in Lexingotn NC Bob Timberlake image

The internationally-acclaimed painter and furniture designer Bob Timberlake is a Lexington native, and the area has long served as his source of inspiration.

And after visiting, I think it’s an understatement to say that you’ll enjoy walking through this realist painter’s 15,000-square-foot Lexington gallery.

Inside the gallery and museum, there are prints and original artwork not found anywhere else. In addition, the gallery also holds special items of Timberlake’s, from his decoy duck collection to the first furniture design award he won.

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Lexington Wineries

A few of our favorite Yadkin Valley wineries are also in Lexington. We recommend you visit the area to sip, savor, and enjoy!

Lexington has six wineries, each with a different vibe. Not only that, but each Lexington winery offers a different wine experience.

Childress Vineyards wine
  • Childress Vineyards (1000 Childress Vineyards Rd, Lexington, NC): Childress is probably the most visited winery in Lexington. With 72 acres of 11 varieties of grapes, Childress Vineyards is North Carolina’s third-largest winery. Childress is an excellent place for a wine pairing and meal. The Bistro has excellent chef-driven dishes and plenty of beautiful places to enjoy a bottle and catch up with friends.

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Curran Alexander Winery
  • Curran Alexander Vineyards (1697 South, NC-150, Lexington, NC): Our personal favorite is Curran Alexander Vineyards. Curran Alexander is intimate, a true hidden gem, and the property is filled with history. Enjoy a tasting and we guarantee that you’ll come home with a bottle of their Cabernet Franc as I did! We look forward to their new tasting room and the renovated historical home!

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Uncorked drone image
  • If you want to explore more adult beverages in Lexington, we highly recommend booking a tour with Uncorked Touring Company. Hop aboard their bus for a private tour, boozy field trip, bachelorette party, or whatever the occasion.

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Bull City Ciderworks

Address: 599 S Salisbury St, Lexington, NC

Cider at Bull City Ciderworks

It is an unusual story that makes a lot of sense after you hear it. Bull City Ciderworks was started in Durham (hence the name) by a few guys from Lexington. Due to the City of Durham’s construction of a new police station, the building that Bull City Ciderworks was leasing was set for demolition.

Searching for new options, Lexington-raised owners John Clowny and Ryan Bogard launched a Kickstarter to help them raise the funds to relocate. The result? They now occupy a giant warehouse space in Lexington’s Depot District.

As Bull City Ciderworks grew and there was more demand, they also returned to Durham to open another smaller cidery, one of our favorite spots to grab a drink.

Bull City Ciderworks

And today, approximately 95 percent of Bull City Ciderworks’s production comes from the Lexington location. Sixteen of their clean, no-sugar-added, preservative-free ciders are on tap to go along with a selection of canned NC craft beers.

There are plenty of games, events, and space to enjoy! Be on the lookout for more news from Bull City Ciderworks expansion!

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Goose and the Monkey

Address: 401 S Railroad St, Lexington, NC

Three, six, nine, the goose drank wine.
The monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line.

Goose and the monkey brew house lexington nc image

Goose and the Monkey is where you’ll find us when we are in Lexington! With a gorgeous space looking out to the train tracks in the Depot District, G&M is a family-friendly brewery in Lexington ready to pour incredible pints!

In addition to amazing offerings, their story isn’t one you typically hear. From refurbishing an abandoned warehouse to fighting off a fire that halted their business for over a year, G&M’s pertinacity is worth noting and admiring.

And the name? It’s derived from the nursery rhyme and is a reminder to be whimsical and not take things too seriously.

The one thing to be serious about is G&M’s beer. Their 10-barrel system allows for pushing the limits with interesting flavors. The folks at Goose and the Monkey can experiment and tailor their taps to the season, the clientele, and even special events.

Not a beer drinker? Goose and the Monkey also has an excellent coffee program! Enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee and some bites from the on-site kitchen, Pour Folk Provisions.

Things to Do Near Lexington NC (Day Trips)

Beyond Lexington, there are quite a few amazing places to explore in Davidson County and nearby! Here’s a quick list of Lexington NC day trips before we offer a deeper dive into each one:

  • Boone’s Cave Park (20 Minutes Away from Uptown Lexington)
  • Salisbury (25 Minutes Away)
  • Winston-Salem (25 Minutes Away)
  • High Rock Lake (30 Minutes Away)
  • Asheboro (35 Minutes Away)
  • Greensboro (40 Minutes Away)
  • Uwharrie National Forest (40 Minutes Away)
  • Morrow Mountain State Park (1 Hour Away)

Boone’s Cave Park

Address: 3552 Boones Cave Rd, Lexington, NC

While still technically in Lexington, Boone’s Cave Park is a great spot to take yourself away from everything.

There are plenty of things to do in Lexington’s best park, including trails, disc golf, kayaking and fishing along the Yadkin River, and even more!

Invite your friends and family to the park’s picnic shelter, which offers a nice view of the Yadkin River. Of course, you can always keep this place to yourself, since it’s definitely a secret worth keeping!

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25 Minutes Away from Lexington, NC

Day Trips from Raleigh NC Salisbury near Charlotte

Salisbury is a charming town in Rowan County and about 25 minutes from Lexington. It’s much more than just the home of Cheerwine and Food Lion, though you’ll see the former all over.

  • Cheerwine Festival: If you’re lucky enough to visit during May, you can celebrate all things cherry-flavored during the annual Cheerwine Festival. The town’s five historic districts are one of the hottest tourist spots for the rest of the year.
  • NC Transportation Museum: Just a few miles down the road from Salisbury is the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer. The entire family is guaranteed to love this place!

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25 Minutes Away from Lexington, NC

Old Salem Winston Salem NC

Winston-Salem is a no-brainer for day trips from Lexington NC! Winston-Salem also is home to so many amazing restaurants and innovative breweries that you’ll need more than just one day trip from Greensboro to investigate them all!

High Rock Lake

Multiple Access Points 30 Minutes or Less Away from Lexington, NC

After Lake Norman, High Rock Lake is the second largest lake in North Carolina. The latter is also just a short drive away from Lexington, making it a great day trip.

There are various fun things to do, depending on which access point you choose. Here are a few that we think you should know about:

  • Buddle Creek Swimming Area (2882 Holloway Church Rd #2754, Lexington, NC)
  • High Rock Boat Marina (339 N Shore Dr, Lexington, NC)
  • High Rock Marina and Campground (1013 Wafford Cir, Lexington, NC)


35 Minutes Away from Lexington, NC

Childrens Museums in North Carolina NC Zoo Asheboro

While Lexington is close to the center of the state, Asheboro and its Randolph County surroundings are literally in the heart of North Carolina.

  • Perhaps one of the best things to do near Lexington is visit the NC Zoo! As the world’s largest natural habitat zoological park, the NC Zoo definitely won’t disappoint.
  • There’s the amazing Millstone Creek Orchards in Ramseur, the epic racing history at the Petty Museum in Randleman, and so much more to discover.

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40 Minutes Away from Lexington, NC

I 40 Exits in NC Greensboro

From the rise of its textile industry to its important civil rights history, Greensboro is an excellent city to visit throughout the year.

  • That’ll give you a leg up on everyone else who wants to fuel up on delicious Greensboro restaurants or those seeking a day at the Greensboro Science Center.
  • The Science Center and the Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum (formerly the Greensboro Children’s Museum) are our first recommendations for things to do with kids in Gate City.
  • You will likely want to stick around for more and can enjoy an excellent stay at Proximity Hotel or its sister property O Henry.

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Uwharrie National Forest

40 Minutes Away from Lexington, NC

Uwharrie National Forest

Only an hour away, Uwharrie National Forest is one of the best day trips from Lexington NC for nature lovers.

Among the many things to do at Uwharrie include four-wheeling, horseback riding, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and camping.

It’s a well-marked and well-maintained park with two lengthy trails:

  • Uwharrie Trail (20 miles)
  • Dutchman’s Creek Trail (11.5 miles)

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Morrow Mountain State Park

1 Hour Away from Lexington, NC

Morrow Mountain Loop Trail

Morrow Mountain State Park is one of the most underrated NC state parks and is the perfect destination for families!

There are 15 miles of hiking trails, 16 miles of bridle trails, and a large family campground here.

Also, the peak of Morrow Mountain is the highest in the Uwharrie Mountains and is believed to be more than 585 million years old. You can hike it or drive to the top for a great view.

The Yadkin-Pee Dee River is at the base of Morrow Mountain, which is popular for fishing. The onsite swimming pool for campers also gets busy in the summer!  

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What Are Your Favorite Things to Do in Lexington NC?

Put simply, Lexington is a small town proud of who they are and where they are going. Dig into it through at least a weekend visit, and you’ll find iconic eats, delicious drinks to pair, and more fun things to do in Lexington.

I can’t leave you without giving one more shoutout to the awesome people of Lexington, including its community members and local business owners. They’re the ones who refused to let this town become another story of a failed town after its main industries (textiles and furniture) left. Luckily, many are still here with us today.

If you’re familiar with any of these fun Lexington attractions, we’d love to know which are your favorites. Let us know in the comments section or by email.

Don’t forget to share your Lexington adventures in our North Carolina Travel Facebook Group!

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  2. Brewer’s Kettle has the largest craft beer and wine selection in town. 15 beers on tap, cold cans and bottles in the cooler. Wine from around the world. Just tell Dave what you like and he’ll serve you the perfect brew! Free tastings. Food trucks from pizza to lobster on the weekends and a family-friendly atmosphere for all ages. (soft drinks available too).

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